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Bob Cat Walk-Behind


LawnSite Member
Hi I am looking for a new walk behind mower i have looked at just about every major brand out there that is sold by a dealer. i was looking at a husqvarna 36" gear drive pistol grip, the dealer was asking $2399. I have noticed that around my area most of the guys with full trailer seem to be carrying bob cat or toro mowers some have exmark also. anyway i have talked with a dealer today that sells bob cat walk behinds he told me that he has a 36" gear drive pistol grip with a 15 HP briggs motor it has the electric PTO and it's really nice looking he said by far it is about the third best made commercial walk behind made, the price he gave me was a steal in my opinion he is asking 1999.99 plus tax that seems like a good price compared to the others i have looked at. does anyone currently use bob cat and can you guys give any pros or cons about this model?

P.S. this will be my first commercial walk behind and it will be used 4-6 hours per week max, if i stay on my mower with great care and "PM" it regularly i think this will be a good purchase.


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Id say bobcat is better then third. Also I did not know they were made with briggs, either the motor has been replaced or it is old. They currently do not offer any with briggs as far as I know. The bobcats with kawis are amazing.



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this mower is still in crate i will have to wait for it to be serviced, i was told that these mowers have come with the briggs engine for four years now. they also have a kohler engine and KAI series, but that drives the price way up i am trying to stay cheap but get a good mower i know that sounds dumb but i am still really samll on the account side and i will be using it for 4-6 ours a week so i think this mower will be a wide purchase. anyone else who can give good or bad about this mower please lets hear it.


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Apopka Florida
Check out the Scag 36 w/b belt drive . This is what i use can't remember what i paid for it but . The new ones down here are a round $ 1,500.00 or so


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The Briggs and Kohler came on the Classic models. Those have been discontinued. Basically the old heavy duty model with the Kawasaki engine and the "Classic" model have been combined into a single model.

They put the Kawasaki engine and double wheel drive belts on the "classic" and are calling it the "Classic Pro". The old big tire one and the "classic" are gone. Doesnt mean there is anything wrong with them.

I sold a pair of 15HP briggs 48" Classics this year. The distributor dumped them for a good price...One I sold to a friend at a discount the other went for 1999.

Definitely a good starter mower. When the briggs dies, put a kawasaki on it. It has single belts but thats nothing bad either. Unless you plan to run the mower in pouring rain when its really too wet to be mowing the grass anyway...