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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dave655, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Dave655

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    Hi Everyone,
    I've just been beginning to think about some knew things for next season, and one of the things I was thinking about was a new walkbehind. I was just wondering if anyone uses Bob Cat Walkbehinds? How do you like them? The Cost? What you recommend? How the striping is? I have done a search and learned somethings, but I would like to know first hand. Everyone is so great on this site and thanks a lot.
  2. GreenMonster

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    I have a Bob-cat 60" hydro w/b. Nice quality of cut, and very nice striping. It's been "retired" cuz I replaced it with a stander. I don't know what they go for new, I would have to assume they are in-line with everyone else.

    What would I recommend? That totally depends on your application. belt vs. hydro, 36" vs. 60". Your properties will determine that.

    OBTW, my bob-cat is for sale with velkie and grass catcher :)
  3. BMFD92

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    I have run many bobcats and they are great mowers. Either scag or bobcat make great w/bs
  4. FuzzyOne

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    I bought a 36" belt Bobcat at the beginning of the season. I only use it on 2 properties that have gates. I would never buy another one only because of the way the levers are designed. I've had my wheel belt come off 4 times while backing it down the trailer. The pulleys on the drive levers are flat and the belt slips around if the plate that holds the pulley on is out of adjustment. You also cannot adjust the levers to move them closer to the bars like my old Scag.

    The cut is nice though and the price was right. But if I had to buy another belt drive, which I never would, it would be a Scag. My TTHP is my main mower.

    Oh, as for price, it was $2400 OTD which is pretty good for my area.

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