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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by Turf Technologies, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Who can I send a letter of complaint to about the way Lesco is handling parts and supplies in there stores? My mower has been in the shop for over 1 month now and string trimmer in for 3 months. This is because no parts are allowed on the shelves, everything must be ordered as need. Even Things like Two cycle oil has to be order, bushings, wheels and blades are not in stock. This is very upsetting when I drive 30mins to 1.5 hrs to the Lescos in my state. Also others have complained as well. I am really thinking about finding a new dealer, but would prefer to keep the machines I have and continue using them in the future, but I cant if I have to wait over a month to have something I cant fix taken care of.

    Thank you
  2. Bob West LESCO

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    Turf Technologies --

    First off, let me apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Obviously, our goal is to make your job easier, and it certainly sounds like we're not doing that here in this case.

    Please feel free to send your complaint letter to me at:, or
    Bob West
    1301 E. 9th Street
    Suite 1300
    Cleveland, OH 44114

    I will make sure the letter gets to Bruce Thorn, our Chief Operating Officer. In addition, please let me know which LESCO location you are dealing with so I can also direct this issue to the Sales Vice President responsible for your part of the country.

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    I think I'd be want Bruce Thorn's address if it was MY stuff they kept for half the season! There would be some serious compenstaion in order for this sort of behaviouir. you know darn well, that somewere, there is some equipment sitting in the back of a Lesco covered in dust and probably under a bunch of crap, by now. I don't just sounds like Lesco, as a Corp. needs to take some management and go around and clean hiouse on some of these places. If the guys don't want to service and take care of people, they have no business being in the building. Let them go work at McDonalsd's or somewhere where the orders are more "short term" and the goods are a bit more readily "on hand" for the shorter attention spans. It is stores like these that are giving the whole Lesco Co. a very bad name.
  4. Turf Technologies

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    Its not those working in the stores, its those making the choices behind the desk. My machine would of Been ready last Monday, but come to find out a shouldder bolt was worn out and need to be replaced, well go figure no bolts in stock at the store or any others in the area.So one has to be ordered, takes a week to get there. And this is the case with all supplies and parts, they have to be ordered. But this is crazy, if my fuel pump goes I want to pick one up that day and install it, not wait a week because CEOs don't want parts sitting on the shelves.
  5. upidstay

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    Unfortunately, the days of having every part in stock at all times are over. To expensive, and nobody wants to do that kind of work any more. My local guy is a rarity, having most stuff in stock, but he operates on a shoestring, and has been close to closing a few times. Getting equipment fixed is a huge problem in this industry. There simply aren't qualified mechanics out there. Had an Ex-Mark down for a month total with a bad pulley. They kept replacing springs and belts, then 2 pulleys. Finally I took it apart myself and found the key was worn out. Cost us thousands in down time, not to mention driving the darned thing back and forth to the repair shop.
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    What store you have you Z sitting that long? Would you mind telling? I am half and half consider Lesco Z but the facts that EVERY LCO bitches about Lesco on "please don't break down or you will be out of business," have got me thinking like more. I have asked the same questions so many times I stop by the store and most of them say oh we don't break down...etc, but like you see it does happen.
  7. Turf Technologies

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    My machine didnt breakdown, its gone three yrs since beinh gone over, just some normal wear and tear things on the deck needed to be redone. The problem is, no parts in stock. So if a bolt needs replaced you have to wait a week to get it. I have three machines and no big problems at all. My problem is you can get parts when you need them. it takes a week or longer.
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    I cannot beleive some of what is happening with "Corporate America". Simply put, we can place college educated individuals behnd the desk and the Lap-Top. They have a degree on the wall, but the head is empty. They meet and conference, all to no avail. In the military, we called it a "PLL SYSTEM". This sytem handled the tracking, ordering and storing of the necessary replacement parts needed to maintain a piece of equipment. Those pieces of equipment allocated to an organization, and needed to accomplish the mission of that organization, were the responsibility of the PLL CLERK. That would seem, in this day and age of the computer, to be a simple task to perform. Before the computer, things were handles with pencil and paper and endless research. Today it is handled completely with the aid of the computer. Perhaps, if all of the people with all of the wonderful titles could ever get together and see that a system of stocking parts is most essential to repair, maybe, just maybe some of those college degrees would be worth their weight in SPIT. How in heaven's name can you have a repair facility, repair personnel, and NOT have a system of repair stock?
    Perhaps Mr. West could enlighten some of us on this dilemma. Americans, in this day and age, are used to and demand response. Lack of immediate response is the signalling of the end. People will no longer put up with it. They will simply take their business elsewhere.
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    I once owned 5 Lesco's after having to drive to another state for repairs I sold them and no more Lesco:cry: PS I liked the machines but we need service.
  10. Turf Technologies

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    Yeah Jum I agree with you. I have no problem waiting a few days for a part, but those parts the are need asap should be in hand at all times.And they know what those parts are. I also drive a ways to get to lesco, but I cant say im not thinking of selling my machines and going with a dealer that has parts in stock.

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