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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by advanced lawn care, Dec 17, 2004.

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    Hi Bob, I am going to buy Two pieces of Lesco Equipement a 60" Z Two and a 52 " Hydro walkbehind. my sales rep says the pricing is low wright now and he would buy now. He also said there was going to be like a equipment rodeo in February. Could you tell me how the pricing is going to be then and is there going to be any major improvements from this years model to next years models. Thanks Jason Advanced Lawn Care
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    Thanks for the question. I checked w/ our equipment product manager, and he said that prices on some equipment will be going up on Jan. 1, 2005. And the local LESCO associate was correct that we will be having a Spring Sale (aka rodeo) in either February or March, depending on where you're located.

    At this point, we have not set up the pricing for those events. Some of the products will be discounted then, and others will not be. However, and it doesn't appear as though the two items you're considering will be discounted.

    As for product changes for next year, there won't be anything significant to these units you mentioned. We will make some changes, but they will mostly be aesthetic changes or manufacturing-based changes -- nothing major that you would see.

    Please feel free to contact me directly ( if you have any additional questions,
  3. advanced lawn care

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    Thanks Bob, I guess I will have to hurry and make my mind up. I really like the equipment
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    I looked at a 60" Ztwo today and am really interested, but how much are the prices going up in Jan. My Lesco rep acted like the price would be the same because i talked about buying in January. If they are going up i may have to act quick, like tomorrow or Fri.

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