Bobby would be proud of me!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mower_babe, Nov 17, 2003.

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    Ok, so today I was removing leaves at a property that is across the street from a real PITA account of ours. This account in itself is horrible, I just haven't mustered up the guts to drop it and the owner is a total and complete pompous ars. Last month, I sent him a letter telling him that I was tired of him turning us away when we came to mow and that it was costing me time and money. As an alternative to this annoyance, I offered to be at his disposal, all he had to do was call me 48 hrs ahead of time and I would mow his yard---for $50 per hour per person. This account truly sucks. The yard is complete nasty, eroding hill above a busy highway, so it is not like if he didn't take the offer, that I would be crushed. Now, $50 is high compared to what we usually get out of this area, but I am extrememly sure that many of you would consider this rate to be normal. OK - back to my story -

    So, I am busy raking the leaves into a pile and Mr. T- the customer, not the famous black guy with mohawk, gold teeth and chains, stops me and asks me " what is the deal with my leaves?" And I reply, "what do you mean?" And he repeats his question and I say, "is your question in reference to price?" and he just gives me a smarty pants scowl. So, I tell him the price per hour for leaf removal and for the vac truck, and tell him then we would probably need to mow it too - and that this is a seperate charge.

    AHA!! He says,. " I got some insane letter from you stating that you were raising my rates" and I replied, "yes, $50 per hour per person." And he started arguing about that this is crazy and I just say, "ok, Mr. T" and turn around.

    (This is where it gets good) He starts saying how I am insane and that I am, an "idiot", "a stupid moron" and that I have "no brain in my head," in reference to that fee. The spit is flying and temps are rising. But, I keep my cool, and just tell him that this is not up for discussion. And bubye.

    Well, (listen up bobby), I turn away and work on a different section and he starts in on me again and, I have had it at this point, And I let him have it - "Mr. T you are, by far, the rudest and most ignorant man that I have ever been subjected to. Your rudeness and ignorance has me completely amazed. You are always preaching God and church and I cannot believe that you call yourself a "good Christian" when you go around treating people like this. (He was always saying how religious he is.) Maybe you can get by with this with other people, but not me."

    At this point, he interrupts and says with genuine surprise," ME?!? RUDE?!?" and I say, "No, I said that you are the rudest man that I have ever dealt with. And with the way that I see that you treat people, I do not care to associate myself with you or anything that you have anything to do with, including your property. (duh, I was soo gone at this point anyway.) I told him that the converstation was over and I added that I would pray for him to acquire better people skills." ( oops - that really sent him into a tizzy.) I walked away with him still hollering.

    So, maybe 20 minutes later, we are at a different section of the property and he walks up to the truck and waits for me to stop the trac vac - I just shake my head at him, "no."

    So, that is my story for today. Yes, don't yell at me, I shoulda taken the high road and walked away, but everytime I did, he would follow me. And I did hold my tongue on the things that I really wanted to say. And I didn't raise my voice, like I wanted to.
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    Thats good........I think bobby would have had blood, the police and a few passer byers involved also.

    I don't like dealing with idiots like that.
  3. paponte

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    Don't sweat it. It takes alot to get to the "boiling point". but when you do, that customer must be a real pita.

    Look at that, yout cutting down the stress at your job. :cool:
  4. dvmcmrhp52

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    Ya did great in my book.
    I probably would have said those things you were just thinking about saying.LOL.
  5. fivestarlawnken

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    you will replace this account and make money at it dont sweat:gunsfirin :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup:
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    You can't let people push you around. I have a condominium complex and there is one full ownership lady on the ground floor that is on my case every time she is here in the summer, which is about 6 weeks out of the 3 month summer. She always gripes at me about how I don't cut it short enough and that I need to cut it shorter. She just whines and complains to me and I just say it's not going to happen and just continue mowing. Now if she was a residential customer, she would have already fired every LCO in town because we aren't cutting short enough, but since the lawn is community property owned by the association that is under control of the manager, she has no control over what happens to the lawn, but decides to complain anyway. My point is that people are stupid and don't let them get the best of you.
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    I can'y say whether it was right or not , But DAM IT SHO DO MAKE YA FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!
  8. mower_babe

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    I don't know about Mr. T, but I feel better. :p

    Scag, we deal with a lot of condos. Same crap different town, huh.

    Is it wrong that I thought about reversing the truck loader and unloading right then and there? :eek: I wouldn't do it, but it would have probably been a lot of fun.
  9. olderthandirt

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    I just wanted to tell you I seen a guy do that. He was deliervering top soil and the second truck had mulch,, we were working across st. and the guy came and asked if we new where the people were. Apparently they ordered and forgot or something, but this guys mad. They started at the garage with the top and just tailgated it almost to the rd. 15 yds. and then the 2nd guy dumps 8 yds mulch at end of drive in front of top. I would have loved to be there when the home owner got home! LMAO
  10. tiedeman

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    good story mower babe

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