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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SweetGreens, Jul 16, 2008.

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    There is a 96 Bobcat 450 for sale. 547 hours, 42 in bucket, 16hp motor i got them down to 4800. My questions are how much digging power will it have, and what kind of attatchments can i put on it and have them still work effectively. i have never owned a skid loader. And i dont do to much serious landscaping. But does this thing still have some power? I know its small, i laughed when i saw it! But can this little machine do some work? please help!!!!!!
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    Had a 443, worked it to death. . .
    Currently have 463 still workin' it
    The '0' of 450 is that the gas engined version?
    Mine were/are diesel
    Consider it more of a 'riding wheelbarrow'. They don't have enough weight to do serious digging. If it is hard packed material to move, this little guy will have a hard time. What it is good for is moving large amounts of bulk material .eg. loading mulch on small trucks, loading salt into salters in winter. moving snow in winter, carrying gravel and topsoil into tiny sites or through narrow acesses. We nicname ours 'THE DIESEL POWERED WHEELBARROW'

    The site might still have a chart showing which attachment fits which machine. Does it have the auxilliary hydraulics (2 hydraulic attachment couplers, by the front step-in)? I'm not sure if the 45x series had auxilliary hydraulics or if they came out on the 46x series

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