Bobcat 722 Needed: New power unit

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mrarchitect, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Hi there I'm new to this forum and really new to skid steer rebuilding. Id like to start first by saying thanks in advance. Ive been a forum moderator for many years and I know that guys rack there brains and resources to try to help others. Thank you for that.

    OK so here's what i have. I have a 1963-196? Clarke Bobcat Skid-steer. It has a stock 1.6L Ford motor in it. Here it is: Ford FL98 Long Block for Bobcat Models 632 - 642 - 722 - 732 - 742 Bobcat (6565295REM). FL98-B742LB The problem I have is this.

    The ******ed guy who had it before me did not take care of it left out in the weather for two years and there for was not aware of the fact that the tail pipe cap was off. Needless to say the motor is seized. When i removed the muffler there was water; when I cracked the heads off there was water in all of the cylinders. The motor might still be good maybe by taking it apart cleaning it, replacing the rings etc Re sleeve. but I'm afraid to take it apart anymore since I called bobcat and they said that the motor has been out of production for sometime now and that they did not sell parts for it anymore.

    So I am left with this POS!:cry:

    I want to find a motor that fits but I don't know where to start. Ive read these forums and it sounds like there not so common. So my question is, Can I find another motor that will fit?
    If so which motor would mount up with the space I have?
    I'm interested in getting a bigger motor something diesel. Please advise me as to what to do. I know u guys know your stuff so feed me something-Please Check out the pics of what I have so far. I can post them on the page but this is a link to them. There all nice and neat in the album. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks again--------------->


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    That motors easily rebuild able I have made engines that are worse than that run like a clock. you just might have to be patient get the cylinder as clean as you can as it sits get your favorite snake oil and some diesel fuel and fill the cylinders up when the fluid disappears into the crank case take a 4x4 and shave it down so it fits in the cylinder and give the one closest to TDC some good wacks till she's free. Take the pistons out and strip the block take everything to your local automotive machine shop have them cook everything and have them magniflux the block and the head to make sure they arnt cracked. They will be able to bet your rings and parts you will need.that motor is just a re badged ford industrial engine they were used in anything from welders to carnival rides going back to a company like bobcat is pointless for old equipment the only major company's that still keep some old parts in stock is cat and deere believe it or not you can still get a bearing set through cat for a 1935 D2 also you can get most of the parts from your local NAPA store they might just have to open some books.
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    Mrarchitect. I hope you got a good deal on it.
    This thing has "pig in a poke" written all over it.
    While rebuilding the motor may seem simple to us
    With a masters in 4 stroke engines, there are many
    Unexpected problems and expenses to be expected.
    It doesn't look like there are any quick cheats to get this thing running.
    To find out the conditions of all the other components on the skidsteer.
    Id look for a replacement engine.
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