Bobcat 751 wont steer right. Any ideas?

Shawn MacAnanny

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Hey guys! Nice site here. I just picked up a Bobcat 751 yesterday seemed to be in really good shape, worked great for 2-3 hours but then it started acting up gradually getting worse. Here's my problem.

When i put the right drive stick forward it moves fine as any other one ive ever operated. When i pull it back it moves very very slowly. If i jerk it back it acts just as if i jerked it forward full power and speed.

When i push the left drive stick forward its very slow identical to the right side backward. When i pull it backward it works great same as right stick forward. When i try to make a left turn at idle the skid steer turns effortlesly. When i try to make a right turn the engine groans a little, same as it it were moving but doesnt really move.

If i throttle the engine up, and try to make a right turn once both sticks reach full distance it jumps and drives at full power.

When driving straight forward the machine tracks to the right i have to pull right stick back some. When reverse the machine tracks to right as well, i have to keep the left stick throttled way back.

Sometimes when making these turns or driving straight the machine will jerk and work correctly. I was thinking drive motor but wouldnt that take out a whole side, one or the other for forward and reverse motion of the wheels?

The machine has 2600 hours, the peugeot engine runs greatm plenty of power. i have changed all fluids, all filters, hydrostatic fluid was drained and new put in when i replaced both of the bronze filters returning from the drive motors. i am out of ideas. it's going to bobcat dealer next week and i hoping to not spend $3,000 on a new drive motor if i can solve the problem myself. All hydraulics and everything work perfectly. Any ideas guys?


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With that many hours, it may just be that the steering is out of ajustment. Bobcat's have have steerling linkage in them that alows for some level of adjustment over time as the wear parts get worn. It could be that it needs to be adjusted again (cheapest fix) or that the steering may need to be slightly re-built if the previous owner already adjusted it too many times. That would be where I would start if I were you. Call the local dealer's service department and they may be willing to walk you through the simple things to look for. If that doesn't take care of it, it could be something more significant.

Shawn MacAnanny

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Well I did try adusting one of the drive sticks to allow for an extra 2" of travel to compensate for any misadjustment but it didnt make a difference

today i remove both hydraulic lines on one drive motor, got some caps and capped them off, then tried to drive the engine. engine strained equal in both directions so according to seller drive motors were bad which i do agree as the pump transmits equal power in both directions. I removed both drive motors and shipped to a bobcat repair shop the seller reccomended. He is covering costs of the rebuild (he sells alot of equipment). hopefully this is the fix, its a great machine otherwise.


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sounds like worn out drive motors??? Im no professional with repairing these machines however it seems like that would be the spot to look if your hydros are working perfectly. does it still whine if the drive motors are removed? actually can you even run the machine with them off..?