Bobcat 942222A shuts off when parking brake disengaged

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Meistermower, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Meistermower

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    I have a 52" Bobcat 942222A commercial mower and it has worked fine all season and has been professionally maintained by a dealer but this morning I ran into a huge problem. It starts up fine but when you try to disengage the parking brake it shut off. I checked the fuses, the oil, and everything else I could think of but nothing appeared wrong. I am assuming it is the seat switch but I don't know how to confirm. I can't even get it loaded into the trailer to bring to my dealer/mechanic. I thought about trying to jump the wires on the seat switch or parking brake but then I read that it is difficult to do because there are multiple sensors. I appreciate any help or insight anyone can offer. This is my baby and without it I am having to use little 21" push mowers and will never finish all my lawns in time this week.
  2. Richard Martin

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    Do what your first instinct was and jumper the seat switch. If that doesn't work try it without the jumper and with the seat switch disconnected. The reason for this is we have no way of knowing whether the switch should be open or closed when the operator is sitting in the seat.
  3. cphillips0053

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    Mine has the exact opposite problem lol.
    When I engage the park break to get off, it will kill the engine as soon as I step off the mower.
  4. kaferhaus

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    jump the PB switch. With the PB engaged the seat switch is overridden.... also make sure the control handles are in their slots up against the stops..... switches down there too.... the bobcat has 4 systems... pto must be off, controls in "park" and or operator in seat or pb engaged
  5. supercuts

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    good old bobcats, maybe they should spend some time and work the bugs out of these switches. if it werent for electrical issues, my mower would have hardly had any problems.

    cut a piece of wire and jump across the seat switch first, check all your fuses under the seat area and wiggle all those little box things, ive had a few go bad with low hours
  6. RedSquareLandscaping

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    What year and model is it ?

    I f i kno i could help you
  7. hawaii

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    Hey Just remove the middle relay, this will bybass the seat and parking brake safety. Never had many problems with the swichtes just some dirt in the conections sometimes.
  8. RedSquareLandscaping

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    maybe yes or no
  9. Remington4

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    Hello Meistermower,

    Sounds like your seat switch is at fault. To get it to a dealer , simply open the bypass valves on each pump and give it a push to the trailer.


    Sounds like your park brake switch is shot, sending power to ground rather than firing the plugs. Or you may have a loose wire at your park brake switch..., do you put the steering arms in nuetral lock position before you engage the park brake after use?

    Remington 4
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  10. cphillips0053

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    Here is the whole story.

    Scenario 1: First job of the day, get on the mower, start cutting for 1 minute and come up on something that I need to move out of the way. Disengage pto, put arms in neutral, pull the park brake, get off, mower dies. Pops the fuse under the seat. ( I carry 20amp fuses in my pocket just like I do my wallet and keys lol)

    Take it to the dealer and he puts a new ignition switch in it. Can't figure it out. Either way, I just deal with it until I get some down time.

    Scenario 2: I was on the mower for 3 hour straight the other day and wanted to let it cool down but I needed to get a move on and trim so I figured I would give it a try. I disengage pto, put arms in neutral, pull the park brake, get off. It doesnt die!

    So I've experimented with less time on the machine to see if I can figure out how long I need to be running to not pop the fuse.

    Any Ideas?

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