Bobcat at Conexpo

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by SellingIron, Mar 28, 2011.

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    I like how he really tries to use the word objective a bunch of times...yeah right:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    My buddy said he felt like a tool on the stand because they stooped to the level of having competitive parts on display. He said some guy came on the stand and schooled the guy at the CTL station because some of the components they were selling against weren't even being used any more. He said Bobcat has stooped to a new low by displaying competitors parts at a big show like ConExpo like some 3 bit fly by night OEM. Would CAT do something like this???:laugh::laugh:
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    Digdeep, If he is a friend of yours, I'm sure he is a tool by ASSociation. If some other brand did this at there booth, you would have been on here saying (that was a great idea).. An opinion is like an *******
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    He's been with the company for at least 15 yearsand has probably forgotten more about Bobcat product than you know. Do you publicly bash competitive products at your local trade shows?

    I can understand this stuff to an internal audience at Bobcat bootcamp out in AZ, but I would say the same thing if ANY other OEM did this at a major show. I just think it shows that Bobcat is either feeling pressure to lash out or is feeling threatened. Its not like them.
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    Back in '08 Ford put out a video comparing Dodge and Chevy truck parts to it's redesigned F series parts. It's hard to tell unless you are an expert whether or not the parts are from current models.
    I'm not defending the practice but Bobcat isn't the first to do this.

    I would think a trade show would be a place to parade your product and not bash the tent next to yours but competition is fierce these days.
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    Don't get me wrong..I think competition makes everyone better, but I can't tell you in the 20 years that I've been around the industry that I've seen a major OEM have junked out parts from the competition sitting in their booth to bash on....not CAT, Deere, Case, NH, etc.

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    I think the video and the Bobcat "comparison" videos show how cookie cutter equipment has become. Instead of stating how far their product has come and the updates it has made to roll out the E series excavators it compares and of course wins.

    I wish there was a fair and impartial tester. Kinda like the how NBC used to have those Insurance saftey board tests of how safe each car was and they weren't partial to any brand.

    I would rather see a video that shows all about the machine like and in and out and all around than an attack video. That would persuade me more to check out a new piece of equipment.

    just my 0.02
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    You know, I'll be honest with you in saying that you've "struck a nerve".

    You and I have had some healthy conversations over the years, some we've agreed on, others we haven't. However, I've never questioned your character, or the character of any of your associates for that matter. Hell, I was even bummed out when you were laid off at your dealership, and I was happy when you caught on again. I've always liked your passion, but you're wrong on this, and you came across to me as some punk a$$ kid half cocked and twisted and bitter over what a long time Bobcat employee said about his experience actually in the stand at ConExpo, not all the way across the country surfing the internet. We all have our equipment biases (I stick up for Bobcat where applicable), just keep the name calling and personal characterizations to yourself.:drinkup:
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    This requires a visit to the Thunderdome. 2 men enter, 1 man leaves. Jr. will play Mel Gibson and GR will play Tina Turner. "Break a deal and spin the wheel". I am rootin for DigDeep:waving:
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    Bobcat is just being a bit cocky now, they have always been laughed at in the past, but now they feel they need to rock out with their marketing c*cks out.
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