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    Does anyone know if the electrical connections/controls for Bobcat Attachments are compatible with the 400 series Case SSLs? For example the electrical connection on a soil conditioner, etc.
  2. Digdeep

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    Nope...Bobcat does that on purpose...more to keep their customers from using other than Bobcat branded attachments.
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    Same idea with their Bobcat branded hydraulic oils.
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    You can get it to work. I'm not sure what electrical pin case uses, but I have a bobcat soil conditioner and use it on Cat skid steers which have an 8 pin electrical connecter. I bought the cat connecters cut the the bobcat harness pinned it correctly, and had to use part of the toggle kit bobcat sells to get it to work, but it was easy and works and looks factory.
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    The pin count is the same. Should work.

    The CASE dealer sold a local city an Erskine 2400XL HF snow blower identical to mine except it was wired for a M series Bobcat. The City was complaining that when they used the spout functions that the blower would drastically lose power. The BC dealer said it was the Blower and not the machine. CASE asked for my 465 and Blower. They hooked up the City owned blower to my 465 and it worked fine. I asked if they had to jump the electical connection, and the answer was no. Plugged the blower in and it worked on my CASE controls just like the blower which was built for my 465. Something apparently not working right on the M series.
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    Call your local bobcat dealer: Bobcat makes control kits to fit there attachments to other brands. Cat, Case, NH Etc. They do this to push there attachments. What is your model: A Case 440 3-series kit should be: #6815254 $282.17 Again call your local bobcat sales rep. If they won't help you PM me and I will sell you the kit..
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    I will call the dealer today, thank you for the input.

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