Bobcat Compact Tractors (B100)

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Yard Solutions, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Yard Solutions

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    I've been looking at the dingo/MT mini-skids in the last few weeks, and don't think we need to open another discussion on that subject. However, when I was at the Bobcat dealership they had a B100 compact tractor they rent out, has anyone had any experience with one of these before? I am scheduled to rent a 325 excavator sometime in May to remove a concrete pad and dig out a footing, the B100 is about 100 dollars cheeper a day to rent. I know it weighs a considerable amout when compared to other 30 hp tractors, and the small tires don't seem real turf friendly. Any opinions?
  2. D Felix

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    Comparing a mini-ex to a backhoe?

    I'd rather have a mini-ex any day of the week. The fact that you can swing around 360 degrees versus 180 (if you are lucky) with a backhoe more than makes up for the extra cost, IMHO. Plus, a mini-ex is a lot easier to re-position than a backhoe too.

    That being said, I've not used the B-series tractors from BC, but I have used other smaller backhoes....

  3. Yard Solutions

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    I guess I'm curious to how they compare to a orange or green small tractor, in the ~30hp class. I know its a lot heavier, but I really haven't heard of anyone using them.
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    I have used BC B300 and the B250 when I was looking for a backhoe last year. The B 300 was AWESOME, but very large and cumbersome, not to mention the weight! Now the B250 had a nice setup with a sideshift backhoe, but the one I used was gutless when it came to moving and using the loader. I was told, and after using the B250 could tell, that the B100 and B250 were nothing more than glorified Terramites. I also do not like that you can not remove the backhoe. I have a 2445 Power Trac that I will be selling soon that does have a backhoe on it and comes complete with a trailer package. I will be upgrading to a larger Power Trac and getting a backhoe for my RC 30 to squeeze into some smaller areas.

    Overall, the B300 was great, although not a practical size. The B250 was okay, but I like to have POWER. Just demo them out and see what you think. Hey, it is a free rental, plus you get some seat time on a possible futrure purchase! :waving:

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