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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by zmowingmaster, Feb 18, 2013.

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    I am in the market for a new ZTR.
    I have noticed through my little research that a lot of dealers sales people have no idea or even better NO CLUE of the products they carry.:mad:
    MY question is which mower carries what deck.I would assume this is what 99% of mower buyers would ask
    The mower in question is the bobcat fastcat pro 52"
    Here is what the bobcat catalog says,but the dealers responses are mixed
    Model 942299G :
    -Catalog says fabricated 7-gauge top deck plus 7-gauge reinforcements
    -dealer says:response1: good deck. response2: quality response to spec even when asked,they had to google it and give wrong answer.
    -bobcat manufacturer says 2 layers of 10-gauge top deck plus 7 gauge reinforcements( different than their own book)
    -online search for 942299g specs shows different results from different sites.
    SO is it 7-gauge top deck or 2 layers of 10-gauge top decks:dizzy:
    Bobcat's new fastcat pro 942406H has 2 layers of 10-gauge top deck
    fast cat pro se 942299H has 2 layers of 10-gauge top deck
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    I forget where the break is but I know 52" and 60" decks have 2 layers of 10 gauge on the top and possibly a 3rd layer at each spindle. 48" decks might be the 7 guage top. I forget where they change at. Smaller decks have 7 gauge top while larger decks have the multi layer 10 gauge. Doesnt matter what mower it is, the decks are all made the same way regardless of which model they are going on. That is all decks of the same size. So all bobcat 52" decks will be the same if they were made around the same time.
  3. zmowingmaster

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    I noticed through a number of your replies that you are a dealer.
    Where are you based at.are you close to dupage county.I usually buy from russo power,but last two seasons, I had the worst time from their service area(not sales and parts,they're great).always busy and whenever i needed something looked at they say it will be done in a week or more,and when they fix something i have to always go back.I might be switching to carol lawn and garden since they always seem relaxed with their treatment to customers,they even agreed to return an aerator i have purchased new after two days just because it didn't meet my expectations.thanks

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