Bobcat Hour Meter not working? (B&S Motor)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MoGreen, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. MoGreen

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    I have recently had my B&S motor replaced under warranty and everything is running/working okay EXCEPT for the hour meter. It has green and orange wires coming out of the meter. I traced the wires the best I could. The orange goes into the ignition switch panel, and the GREEN goes down to the plug that plugs into the motor, but there is no other wire on the other side of the plug! I believe that's my problem!! But, what is the green? Is it grounded to the motor or what is it supposed to hook into?
    If it helps any, I have the wires and the colors going into the plug at the motor:
    Black-to coil?
    Orange-to voltage regulator?
    Red-to voltage regulator?
    Grey-to bottom of carb bowl? (I thought this was a low oil sensor, but ti wouldn't go to the carb bowl, eh?)
    Thanks for your help!
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    Ground the green to the frame or the engine block. That's assuming the orange goes to the ON position lead in the switch panel.
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  4. MoGreen

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    Thanks a lot!!
    Didn't wanna start grounding wires and burn something up if it was a hot wire!
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  5. pugs

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    If you post a model number I could look at the wiring diagram.

    Generally Bobcat uses an Oil Pressure switch to provide ground to the hourmeter. I am used to looking at Kawasaki units though. I dont know about the Briggs ones.
  6. MoGreen

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    It's a Bobcat Leo 48" cut.
    Looks like I might have more of a problem than anticipated. I went out to cut the front today and the motor is smoking out of the exhaust!!
    I adjusted the valves with the engine cold at .004 in/ex and it was running/starting great. Not sure what could cause the smoking? Would this be a valve issue or a ring issue? (would it smoke if the valves were improperly adjusted? or bent valve?)
    If it's just a valve adjustment then I feel much better, but in my experiences smoking is NOT GOOD!!!! Man, i wasn't smoking before I adjusted the valves, so I think I messed up something.
    The motor is a OHV B&S 19hp intek plus single cylinder.
    Thanks for your help on the hour meter!!
  7. MoGreen

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    Got it fixed!! Thanks!!
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