Bobcat M-Series

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by SellingIron, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. alco

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    Well, if you listen to what he's saying, it's ummmm, not I'm. Bit of a difference there.
  2. bobcat_ron

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    I think the reason they didn't use a SJC unit is becasue the first thing us big boy operators will complain about is how tight the seat bar is to our sides, that's why Cat went to the split fold down seat bars.
  3. Mr. Rain

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    Oh, so you're bipolar. Now it all makes sense....:confused:
  4. Skidsteerman

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    So, because a "Cat" sales rep and "you" say Deere D series (and Ron... can't forget Ron.) hasn't impressed you and feel that they are crap, then by all means Deere should just throw in the towel and give it up. I mean what's the point afterall?

    On a serious note. Put on your Bobcat sales hat (not all twisted like a rapper) and tell us your competitive differences and advantages.

    So far the only thing I seen you nagging about was the Deere heater/cooling vents (8 total vents) blowing on the glass door, operator feet and operator body. Maybe I'm mistaken but doesn't your vehicle have all these vents doing the same thing? Can you imagine if all vehicles vents were like the new Bobcat M series vents? Up in the head liner pointing down on the operators head. Deere's C series used to be like that and it was uncomfortable, feet froze, and the front glass door would not defrost well.

    Side windows on the out side of ROPS now for the new M series bobcat from them being on the inside on the K series. Deere's C series were on the out side of ROPS and they were very difficult to clean the inside glass. Deere switched to inside glass for easier cleaning and easier opening and closing. Outside of glass is easy to keep clean with a power washer.

    I would say that Bobcat's new M series cab has features the old Deere C series had that were a PITA.
  5. mrsops

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    Not a chance my man you cant compare anything to the c series cabs on the deeres they were just a NIGHTMARE!! But on a serious note the m series cabs are very nice so are the cat c series and when i try the deere out next week i will let you know what i think
  6. Skidsteerman

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    Eggxactly my point, side windows on the outside of ROPS same as old Deere C series, vents up in the head liner blowing down on your head same as old Deere C series. These are the things I was comparing between the two.
  7. mrsops

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    I actually like the side windows on the outside. But hopefully you sell a lot of these new d series machines get deere back out there again :waving:
  8. Skidsteerman

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    The two draw backs having side glass on the out side of ROPS are 1:) cleaning the inside easily, tough to do this through the ROPS side screens unless you remove the side window assy. 2:) Side glass is more vulnerable to breakage do to things like tree branches whacking them and such.

    We've been there and done that.
  9. SellingIron

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    Mr. Rain, I'm going through my manic stage right now.:dizzy:

    Its lunch time and I have a chicken sandwich and waffle fries staring me down. I will keep it short (Like Ron).

    On a serious note:

    Skidman, We could go back and forth on features and benefits of both machines. Customers in today's market want to know your best price and how is your service department. (Road Service, Rental Department etc. there should be a joke coming on this comment) Depending on the customers application of coarse: your examples given for the M-Series cab are not going to be why you win or lose a deal.

    My advantage selling against Deere is I'm on the job sites, demoing equipment, checking in on customers. Their not.. If I was ever to sell for Kubota or Cat, I have customers that will follow me where ever I go.

    I do like to stir up the pot a lot on here which is a bad habit of mine but my customers are repeat buyers because of me..
  10. DeereMan85

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    Well obviously the Deere dealers down there are a whole lot different than around here. We have at least one fully equipped road service truck at each store along with the ability to deploy technicians in other shop vehicles for mobile service. We run a parts route every day, so you get any parts we have in stock in less than 24 hours. If we don't have it, you can get it within 2 days with free shipping or overnight if you pay the extra shipping. We have a rental department, but even if we didn't we could use used machines for loaners and refer customers to rental shops in the area for attachments, etc.

    Point being, what your local dealer operates like is not representative of every Deere dealer in the US. We have crappy Bobcat dealers around here, but that doesn't mean Bobcat has anything to do with it.

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