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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cddva, Dec 19, 2010.

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    What are thoughts on Bobcat 325 mini's? I'm considering trading in my KX-41 for a leftover 2008 (new) 325 at the Kubota/Bobcat dealer if the price is right. I find I have very seldom needed the expandable tracks on the KX-41 (as in not needed) and I would like a little more digging power but still stay in a smaller mini. I did a search here and didn't turn up much of anything on the 325. I know many of you prefer the zero tail swing but I'm willing to stick with the conventional tail swing for the type of work I do most (landscaping jobs). Also, I would consider other brands but as discussed all the time on here the Bobcat/Kubota dealer is the closest for me and I like the dealer/service. Thanks for any insights you can offer!
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    I bring this up everytime someone mentions getting a machine this size. You can step up to a 331 or 7-7.5K machine without losing anything other than its 1500 pounds heavier than a 25 sized machine. So you get more of everything with a 331 size and for just a small amount of additional weight. I never understood why most would opt for a 25 when the 35 is dimensionally so close. I realize for some people there might be a specific reason for the smaller size, but most could step up to the larger machine and gain from the additional capacity.

    As far as make, prefer almost anything over a BC but if you like the dealer than it might be worth going BC. Also realizing that some guys like their BC excavators so like anything preference is based on opinion.
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    I have rented a 325 a few times. It is a rental unit with high hours and has been hammered. Despite this it seems to be a good machine and I have no complaints when running it. It handles a 24" bucket pretty well. It also is easy on the fuel usage.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    The 325 was the first Bobcat mini I ever used I didn't like it the thing was really unstable feeling. About 3 months ago I rented a 331 and holy crap what a difference the stability was there and the machine had decent power.

    Where I tried taking the 325 the 331 went with ease so I have to agree with what ksss said go with the 331. The local rental place got rid of the 325 for the reason it was too small plus the fact people kept rolling it over.

    I used to work in the rental shop and did the maintenance and repairs on the excavator, what people would do to a machine would boggle your mind.

    Personally I would take a Kubota over a Bobcat.

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