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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bobcat55, Jun 19, 2007.

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    I am interested in the bobcat MT55, but I have heard of a couple of issues that they have been having with the MT52 and MT55. I have heard the older 52's have had problems with the stearing bar failing and the unit was unmovable. In addition a friend of mine was recently using a MT55 and was pinned against a wall because he could not get it out of gear and seconds before he was crushed just turned the machine off, but then couldnt restart the machine because it wouldnt come out of gear. Has anyone experienced similar issues? Has anyone had any problems with their Bobcats? What are the main issues/ problems assocaitaed with this model? I really like the machine and can get a great deal on one, but these issues just frightened me a bit. I want to be fully aware of the faults in its design before I spend the money.
  2. bobcat55

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    No one has any info?
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    If those issues are true then I would be concerned. There is no better information than work of mouth from someone you know. Vermeer has a ride on platform within the framework of the machine with operator presence which minimizes the chance of an operator getting pinched while operating. I can not speak to the other issue of the control bar freezing up or breaking.
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    I have heard of issues with the stand plate and one of the steering controls hurting someones hand but not of sticking anybody to a wall. Different machines have different safety devices that should prevent anything like that from happening unless they were somehow disabled.
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    Hi, I have used several mt55 and mt52, Never ever had a problem. The new modles controls are great. Any oun can master it within a few hours. I used a 55 for around 30 hours last week doing drain tile and site work, it never missed a beat. I am probobly buying my own by the 15 of April. Bobcat of Buffalo is offering 0% for 42 mo. I dont think I can go wrong! Dont worry about the platform at first I like to be on my toes, and you can fab your own for about $50 and an hour of welding, no wheel though unless your a good fabricator, my pal has a small platform with a chain going to the back corner. Just fold it up for transport or crazy uneven sites. Hope I helped a bit. Good Luck

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