Bobcat on second job of the day!!!

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Greg78, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Ric

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    No Strychnine is the prefered poison for this job.

    Only you feed it to a Chicken that has a high tolorance for Strychnine. Then tie the live chicken out as a bait. The Bob Cat, Coyote, or Neighbors dog Eat the Chicken and Die.

  2. knox gsl

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    What about a dart gun with posion?
  3. zturncutter

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    " or Neighbors dog Eat the Chicken and Die."

    This could be problematic :)
  4. Duekster

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    Bob Cat eats dog, problem solved:laugh:
  5. Ric

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    Dart Guns fall into a Lethal weapon category and can not be discharged in Urban environments. Or at Least under Florida Law. Crossbow the same thing etc. It is not really safe to use these in populated areas. Live Traps are the safest method for small population of Nuance wildlife in urban areas.

    Poison bait for Nuances Wildlife is legal in Florida but is highly discouraged because of Collateral damage. Secondary Consummation by scavengers becomes a major concern with the use of poison. However a Pesticide Licenses is required to legally use poison baits.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services has a Federal Ban on Poisoning all Swine or Feral Hogs. (reason for Hog Hunter TV shows and Many hunt clubs) However the USDA is also working on a safe poison and method of delivering that poison to feral hogs because they are such a problem. Current research is using a Bait Box with a lid heavy enough that only a hog could lift the lid with it's nose. Sodium Nitrate is the current poison being used because it acts very fast. Hogs eating it won't get very far from the Bait station and can be removed before becoming the last supper for Scavengers which would also die.

    Feral Pig Problems in Australia have been reduced greatly by the use of Poison baits such as sodium fluoroacetate and Warfarin. BTW these are common Rodent poisons in the USA.

    Of Course Animal activist have to get their 2 cent in. What ever method is used must be Humane.

  6. Ric

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    A little correction to the above statement. Poison Bait are LEGAL but MUST BE LABELED FOR THAT SPECIES. Here in lies the problem with using Poison baits. Rodents Baits are about the only species that have an EPA Label. Therefore while the State law Says it is legal it also says it is not legal to use poison on certain species because there are no EPA Labeled product. At the same time we all have a ton of poison under our kitchen sink that would work.

    Out in the center part of Florida, Running Hog Dogs is a big sport. In addition to Good Old Boy BBQ, Larger Trophy Hogs are sold to Hunting Clubs. Green Horn Hunters from the City pay big bucks to shoot those Trophy Hogs in a staged hunt. The Green Horn doesn't know it is a remote control release on the cage they never see.

  7. justanotherlawnguy

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    I've seen some bobcats out in new Tampa and Wesley chapel before!
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  8. Ric

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    I can't remember hearing about a Bob Cat attacking a Human here in Florida. But a Quick Google tells me Bob Cat have a history of attacking Humans. I found several report of Bob Cat attacks, but none in Florida. As a Nuance Wildlife trapper I have never had a call about Bob Cats.

    Bob Cats and Coyotes are very common here in Florida. They might not be as visible as all the Alligators we see every day, but they are living in dense urban areas. This was their habitat first.

    IMHO the Alligator population has recovered to the point a mass thinning of the heard is needed. The Economy value of Alligators means the state only need to increase the number of Alligator Permits and lenght of the hunting season. Bob Cats and Coyotes have no economy value, so paid hunters must be used.

  9. Ric

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    BINGO I had my first call to trap and remove a Bob Cat. I turned it down for several reasons. First it was 25 mile drive one way and I don't service that area. If that isn't reason enough, at the current time I don't have a trap big enough for a Bob Cat. Hog Trap would work But I stay away from Hogs because of so many sport hunters willing to do Hog Hunting. Third, Bob Cat like all cats and many Wild animals are tricky to catch. Special lures and Baits etc should be used to even give you a fighting chance to catch them.

    Finally I never shot a Price at the caller only the name of an other Trapper who might handle the Call. The bottom line cost of removing a Bob Cat is not cheap my any means. I would want at least a five hundred dollar deposit before starting the job.

  10. Johnagain

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