Bobcat operator - how much to pay him

Discussion in 'Employment' started by JFGauvreau, May 3, 2012.

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    I agree $20 an hour is too much for someone with zero experience. Some one with experience can easily grade an area 2x, 3x, or even faster and more efficiently than someone with no too little experience. The less time the skid needs to run the less costs you will incure. Running the machine all day will cost around $85-$100 a day in fuel. Are you renting the skid? whats that going to cost you a day. Your brother in the skid for the week at 40 hrs, fuel and rental, will probably run you around 2k. You may be able to find an experienced, inexpensive, guy who will come in for not much more than that.

    Also, I would strongly recommend having guys on the books so that they are insured. If one of them get injured, which can quickly happen, especially on a site with two pieces of equipment running, it will cost you and the property owner much more. It can happen very easily, a laborer sees you coming and is concerned with making sure he is out of your way and he steps right behind the other skid with out knowing it. I know a guy that owns a pretty good sized excavation company, has 6 or so employees three 20 ton trucks, how did he finance his company? About five years ago he was working for an excavation company under the table and a bobcat operator put the edge of the bucket down on his foot. He lost half of his right foot, he got a hell of a settlement from the company but even more from the company who owned the commercial lot they were working on for not ensuring that contractors were properly insured.

    Also one last thought, when you have your company name on a public forum, I would not post about not paying taxes. It may be different up in Canada but on this side of the border we can get rewards for turning people in to the IRS. I know of a few companies who have gotten some money for turning in the competition.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback, much appreciated.

    I am now paying my part time labor under the payroll. I had a talk with a a professional financial adviser which he gave me a lot of valuable advise.

    He told me if you hire a guy once a month, then it's ok to pay him cash but if it's constant work, then it's a big no no, there is no friends in business, and if I would to pay my friends under the table, they would be the first one to sue me if anything happens to them.

    So now I know if my employee gets hurt, he is covered 100% + I can actually write his payroll as a write off, compared to cash which I was loosing money.

    Bobcat is around 850$ for the week to rent + operator + fuel.

    The job I'm bidding on currently has around 10k sq/feet of crappy sod to rip off and replace with new dirt and sod, It's hard to figured out how much it will take. I'm guessing a MIN of 1 week.

    How much time would a good bobcat operator take to rip off 10k sq/feet of grass?
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    3 hours tops.
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    If I was doing the job, I would have one experienced skid operator and two laborers. 10k 1/4 acre should not take more than a day to strip, regrade and fully prep for sod.
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    I agree with one day to remove sod, dirt and grade.
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    1 day? I determinately plan on being there for more than 1 day. The trucks for topsoil cannot back up directly into the back yard, only access is in the street, then bobcat needs to do trips to pick up dirt and bring it to the back yard.

    +the extra excess of clay will also need to be transported to the front yard to haul away.

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