Bobcat or Lazer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grassman, Dec 15, 2000.

  1. Grassman

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    I've used bobcat walkbehinds for years and impressed with their durability and reliability. I'm looking to purchase a midmount Z this spring and have narrowed it down to either the Bobcat or the Exmark, Bobcat has 61" deck and Lazer has 60", both are 23hp Kawasaki's. What are the pros and cons of each unit? Thanks, Russ
  2. Charles

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    Put exmark lazer in the search section you might be able to write a book on it after that. Bobcat has been discussed many times too
  3. JML

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    i haven't got to use an exmark yet, really aren't popular around here. I own a 52 bobcat ztr, and i love it. 2 years old and thank god, no problems yet..
  4. little green guy

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    whats a lazer and who's exmark?????? Well, i realy don't care because I'm buying one of those big red fuel injected things before spring.

    I do know what a bobcat is though, the demo we had got sent back to the dealer in a box.
  5. Grassman

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    Same engines, same spindles, what about the hydros? Are they made by the same manufacturer? Is the steering linkage or deck suspension better on one than the other? Is the speed different? I demoed both on our dormant St. Augestine grass and didn't see a difference. The search engine has ALOTT about the Z but not much about the Bobcat. Maybe I should have been more specific. How about some real comparisions from those of you that don't just see RED!
  6. SMB

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    There isn't much info. on Bob-Cat. We have one (a ZT219 with a 48" deck) and are happy with it. I can't make much of a comparison because this is our first Z. We like ours-especially with double blades. It has a very thick deck and a good frame. I ran over a brick sidewalk with it and chopped a brick BIG TIME and can't even find a dent in the deck. Here's their website,

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  7. Lawnworks

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    Why buy a Bobcat? You cannot go wrong with an Exmark. I demoed one, and it was great. Of course, it was second best to my Chopper, but it one of the best in the industry. I hear exmark parts and service is awesome. You cannot go wrong with exmark.

  8. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino LawnSite Silver Member
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    Why buy a Bobcat?It is built like a tank and around here its about 1K cheaper than the similarly equipped Exmark,thats reason enough for me.The bobcat has an excellent reputation for durability.
  9. Excuse me the 62" Toro with a 23hp kohler is the best ride.

    You want the toro spindles with high quaility bearings.

    That 2" makes a difference in 8 hours.
  10. bdemir

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    Best ride meaning comfort and ride quality?

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