Bobcat Predator Pro 72

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Doublewide6, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I've wondered why also.... Subbed
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    Dont own but have used one a few times - total beast. Great cut on everything I threw at it including tall weeds.
  4. weaver

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    I was looking at the same mower the other day on Ebay. I don't think all dealers sell them at that price but that guy prices his Bob-cat mowers and snapper pro's really reasonable. I was also thinking in the future when it come times for new stuff about buying a predator pro and one of there hydro walkbehinds with the z controls. I think i could pick both up for the price of a new Exmark or scag rider..
  5. This particular dealer sells Bob-Cat's for less than anywhere else I have seen. I bought a brand new 09 Predator Pro 61 with 33 Generac for $7,000 out the door on Good Friday of 09. Contact Ron Zipp directly and he'll most likely sell it for less than the Ebay price and can probably give you no interest financing for a while. I got 0% on mine for a year just for the heck of it. You can also act as your own shipping company if you are from out of state and probably avoid sales tax in Indiana.
  6. StanWilhite

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    To me the main problem that should be considered when traveling past your local dealer to get a hefty discount on the price, (along with avoiding sales tax if you live in in another state), is when it comes time for warranty work, or other work needed after the warranty is out.

    I think most people will agree that a large percentage of dealers won't be quite as enthusiastic about working on a mower that was purchased at another dealer, so, in a lot of cases, you'd have to make the trip back to the dealer where the mower was purchased to get the best treatment.

    But, if the discount (and lack of sales tax in certain cases) is substantial, the trip back to the dealer (where the mower was purchased) for repairs would be justified (especially if you didn't need an abnormal amount of repairs).

  7. Doublewide6

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    I would not try and ship one to my house in Pennsylvania. Just too far and too much money for me. I do have 2 BobCat dealers within 12 miles of my house. I have never been in their showrooms. I also have a toro/exmark/husqvarna, huster, Cub Cadet, and Gravely dealer close by. But if the price is $2000 to $3000 less it is worth checking them out. Is there anything that the Bobcat mowers are missing? I see Kawasaki engine, Parker wheel motors, Heavy gauge metal. I saw the one on Ebay that caught my attention due to the specs, and price. I will have to see what my local dealer is looking to get for them.
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    I agree with what you said. I'm about 90 miles from his location, while we do have a Bobcat dealer here in Evansville his prices are nothing like the other guys and yes your're right they tell you that any servicing dealer would do the warranty work. I just bet they would'nt get in any hurry to fix it as i did'nt buy from them..

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