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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by rosolar, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. rosolar

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    what do you guys think of this? what's a fair price? Its within 50 miles of me and it looks like it would be a good first bobcat. I plan on using it to load mulch, move loam, and maybe push back snow piles in the winter. Is the gas engine going to give me problems? Looks like it would be alright if I gave it a tune up and put some new paint on it. comments welcome. thanks again
  2. Anthony Orlando

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    the link you gave doesnt pan out
  3. rosolar

    rosolar LawnSite Member
    from Mass
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  4. stumper1620

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    3500 and a 7 day listing. I think it will bid out too high for the actual value.
    there is a place by me has case skidders for sale quite often for about 9k and these things look like they haven't been used a lot.
    either way, skidders don't do very well at moving snow piles back. my truck can do more faster. as for the motor, if it goes cheap enough ( which i wouldn't go much more than it is now) a new motor is about 1500 bucks so even if the motor puked out it wouldn't kill to replace. hydro system is where the cost of repair could really start to bite. ( the domino effect)
  5. freddyc

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    stumpers right---final bid on the machine will be > $6K.

    Do you have a trailer for it??

    From the picture it looks pretty good...can he demonstrate it if your that close??
  6. ksss

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    I would not expect that machine to push much of anything. You certainly wont push a snow pile of any size. It sounds like a lightly used machine, but at 20 hp (gas) and 800 pounds of lift, its not going to be able to do a lot either. It is only a "buy" if it does what you need it to. Consider that some of the walk behind skid steers have better specs.
  7. freddyc

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    Two weeks ago, I stood in the pouring rain and watched a guy with a machine smaller than that push a drenched snowpile 4'-5' high by 4' wide with a std dirt bucket (42"). He easily pushed it 6-8' before the tires started spinning on the ice underneath. With a little more traction he would have pushed it much further. The machine had a 20 hp air cooled 2 cylinder kubota engine. It never stalled, but it did bog a little. Due to the fact that the snow pile was soaked thru with water, I have no idea how much it weighed but certainly I can't imagine the machine having a big problem pushing a 6-8" very wet snowfall. Maybe more.

    You won't push as much as a bigger machine with that 530, but it's all in what you want to do.
    It's no different then plowing--you can do a lot with a small machine if you know what you're doing. You don't need an 8' plow with a huge V8 to clear residentials or small commercial either. Remember, Jeeps work just fine. :rolleyes:

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