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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by kennywood, Jul 16, 2013.

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    High lifts were worse? That baffles me a lil.... have you check your deck pitch and make sure that it's 1/4'' pitched to the front? and if high lifts made it worse...then I dunno what to tell you...have you talked to the other guys in you area and see if they have the same problems and what there remedy's are? It must be some kinda thick, lush stuff your cuttin
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    Um, maybe its not cut out for real work then. I'm not saying give up on it, but this is what I am talking about. I don't think I have an account with less than 3 acres to mow. It's all commercial and only 2/3 of them pay for spray. Doesn't matter if they only are a biweekly. The toro seems to do better here on a bi-week than the Bobcats are on their per weeks. Only cut I see better is when other guys on some of these really high end businesses mow 2 directions per week. I haven't signed one of them yet, I'm always too high$ and get rejected.

    At any rate you are only proving me right. Does your deck belt slip and can you tighten it? I'm really trying to help you, not offend. I had to do all sorts of things to our old 61" snapper to get it to cut clean. In the end I slipped down a hill and landed on a big scalper and it warped the top of the deck making it cut all goofy and uneven. I put some steel into the deck and got it flat again but it was time to get new. Then the driveshaft got loose and new parts were discontinued. The $10K mower line is no BS man. You will get what you pay for AND that Bober will get you there. I ain't knocking Bobcat, it is what it is.

    Maybe call up a dealer and have them bring a new demo unit out so you can try other brands. Tell them what probs you are haviing and let them talk you into a demo. You can know for sure that way if it is the grass or the mower. This is how I know the Deere will spank my Toro. The Toro will mow over a Bobcat.
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  4. zo6

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    you must have another problem, there is just no way that mower should clump..
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    zo6 it's not that they can't do a nice job. It's that they don't have any productivity. Get real and stop taking advice as injury.
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    To the OP, I were earmuffs when I mow so my ears don't char up in the sun and so I don't loose my hearing. Yesterday my throttle had become loose and the engine speed was lazy. As the day went on and it got over 90 it started suddenly dropping to an idle. That's when I noticed it. I dont keep a camera to show but it looked like my blades were really dull but it was the engine slowing down. I tightened the pivot screw on the throttle lever and it was fine again. Maybe check your engine speed? I do believe you will get that mower setup for your conditions but maybe it's more than blades and deck setup. Something is killing your performance and it's not just "because it's a Bobcat" I have been in your shoes. I am here to help you.

    Something little is causing you grief and you will figure it out. Keep raising your deck up until it doesn't clump and tell us what height that happens at please. Crewman #2 just got my blades back on so I am going back out the door now. Will check up on this at end of day. I already got 2.5 hrs in today, coffee time!
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    Try raising the cutting height when it is that tall...and wet also.
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    what exactly does they dont have any productivity mean?? Makes no sense. In fact taking advice as injury??? What the hell does that mean too? All im saying is bobcat is at minimum just as good as any, and better than most.
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    Cutting off 4''+wet=clumps.
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    I don't get any clumping, but I do get a very wide and even layer of clippings. When I go wide open ground speen and I bounce I get standies of grass and weeds where the deck lifts. My toro discharges grass 10-15' from the chute, more if the wind is helping. It is near impossible to get it to make a clump. I have a 35 acre mow I do bi-week so it gets really thick in some areas. In some of the rain gardens the grass will be almost waist high by time 2 weeks goes by. Sometimes I find standing water down in them. I wish they didn't insist on me mowing those btw, they aren't supposed to be mowed. That grass would finish out like 10' tall if we left it alone. Some type of giant zebra grass. Really stiff thick stems. It's not my property or my money to spend so I do the work. It gets nasty down in those things. zo6 come and play with me with your Bober sometime, we'll see how proud you are then. Also the property next to it is mowed by the county with large Deere batwings. They have a hell of a time and sometimes they just get the 2 big Deere Zs and go at theirs. They only do theirs before holiday weekends. You would be backing into these areas and holding your curlies. And good luck getting back out. The Deeres next door do theirs in about 15min each. I am in them around 25ish but mine look better where they simply mow it and bounce to the next.

    Productivity is measured in acres mowed per hour. Doesn't count if you have to mow same acre twice, that's not mowing 2 acres that's mowing 1 acre 2X. And you want to brag zo6?

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