bobcat/ransome 48" blade belt

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by buttaluv, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. buttaluv

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    I was wondering where you guys get your parts? I usually check, but I can't find the belt I need for my new(old) bobcat, It doesn't recognize the part number which is #38030N(if anyone recognizes it). I just bought the mower last week, but it is an older unit and the belt for the blades is about shot. I would like to find a good web site that I could order parts off of that is reliable. I looked at new machines and I think the old belt drives are about the same as the new belt drives (the deck setup, controls, etc.), I can't imagine a belt would be to difficult to locate.
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    I had a hard time finding that same belt at the dealer the problem was that some of the 48 inch Bocats with the FB460 and the plastic pulley cover actually had parts for the next year but it was not stated so in the parts books I know what your thinking this sounds ridiculous but really thats what I was told even the dealer where this mower came from was confused he called it an "aborision" good luck....
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    Use OEM belts, they will last much longer....

  4. red dog

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    You might want to try Proven Power in Oconomowoc, WI. I have gotten bobcat parts there in the past and they are about 20 miles from the Textron factory in Johnson Creek, WI. Their website is Hope this helps
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  6. dfor

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    I would try , Napa or Lesco. I have the same belt (and part #) on my 54" Bobcat. I believe it is a 90" or 93" belt. If you take it off, Napa or Lesco can match it up for you.
  7. buttaluv

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    when you say Napa, you mean like the auto parts store? I've heard of people doing that before, but I didn't think those belts lasted as long as the ones that were meant for a lawnmower...I don't know if that even makes sense, that's just what I heard. But I would think it might be cheaper..
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    Yes, the auto parts store. They are now carrying belts for lawn and garden applications. I have used their belts and they seem to last as long as oem. (one belt I got for the hydro pump didn't last 3 weeks). Besides the 38030N belt at my dealer is like $40. Less than $20 at Napa or Lesco. Hope this helps.

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