Bobcat/Skidsteer rental biz?

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by YellowDogSVC, Oct 19, 2008.

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    I wouldnt ever be able to own equipment and send it off with someone else, I would being thinking about it constantly like what are they doing with it? are they scratching it to death? or are they beating the crap out of it? I just couldnt do it.. I would freak out when I got a machine back covered in nasty deep scratches or that has been used to do something that was it wasnt made to do like dirtman said... I think I would just avoid it...
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    exactly except I am gentle on everything I rent
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    NO COMMENT other that HOLY MOLY that's bad!:nono:

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    off topic but, Ron, that picture is unacceptable! :nono:
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    i agree coopers ,its worse than boogie cat!but its Ron and no one can stop him!:cry:
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    I was looking for the screw deere quote too.
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    I was involved with a friend many years ago who was in the rental business. There were a few things I observed, and was amazed at some of the results. When he bought the business it came with the rental machines, and all of them had a lot more wear than they should have. Once customers started renting he was constantly getting calls from homeowners with numerous issues. The only way to tame the headaches was to draft a new rental contract specifying charges for damage, and video each machine going out and coming in. I was getting paid to do the maintenance and I would touch up scratches and damage so everything looked new. Each new customer got a quick training session and supervised seat time before the hour meter was recorded. Believe it or not, damage was lessened and the business became profitable. However, for one person to do this would be too much of a burden and after a couple of years my friend sold the business to move out of state. Better to avoid it. Most of his profits actually came from things like power tools, cement mixers and floor polishers rather than the skid steers, dozers or tlb's. The equipment with the most problems were the skid steers as customers rarely seem to be able to control them.

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