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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by thebobcatguy, Jun 1, 2009.

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    For example they picked up one of our backhoe attachments (709 backhoe) and brought it in for a saffety fix.. we got it back and now it works like crap to put it nicely.. Slow to move and doesnt attach as easily as it used to..we think they bent the plate on our bobcat which they took also when they took the backhoe as they couldnt pick the backhoe by itself... When brought to their attention they told us it was always like that which is BS.. That sales/ service rep only lasted 2 weeks after that before he left...Another sales guy brought out an excavator to show us and jumped over the safety bar while it was running and got caught by his pants on the control stalks with the machine spinning around for several revolutions before we rescued him off the machine... if it wasnt so serious it would have been funny... he lasted several months before he went to another dealer selling the competition...This is what we deal with up here...If anyone has a 110 in the tri state area let us know and we will come down to check it out... and whoever had that video of the asv vs. bobcat mini demo send it to me or give me a site to check it out......
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    I get these email alerts from from here and this was mentioned the other day-

    I posted on here quite some time ago about the T110 video vs the PT30 and I'm glad it was taken off. Evidently the video was shot in Europe where the Pt30 only runs an engine rpm of 2200 vs the 2800rpm it runs here. it think it has something to do with European rules or something. In any case this would affect the performance and the PT30 is a much lighter machine than the T110 3300lbs vs 5200lbs so the T110 should be stronger. it is interesting to note that the T110 runs on 9" wide tracks to get down to a 48" width and the PT30 runs on 11" tracks.
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    Thanks, I definately appreciate the info and this helps alot towards which way I will go....Alex
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    Before you buy a bobcat check out the just released PT30, more lift than the old one, tapered roller bearings on service wheels, bigger drive motors, pt60 style loader frame, more lift capacity, bigger fuel tank, bushed loader, lockable hood. this one seems to tick all the boxes now.
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    Dang, I had to translate that Australian talk! Don't make life hard.
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    I have just requested that the local ASV dealer give me a call regarding th PT 30 ...... Thanks. I still have a month to make my decision..:usflag:
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    For the money I would definitely look at a Case 420ct, one of the series 3 machines. I demoed one at our local dealer, AWESOME machine for its size!

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