Bobcat T190 - This baby is Awsome!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Highpoint, Jun 14, 2001.

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    :blob3: I've had the new T190 Bobcat since Wednesday and will keep it through the weekend. This baby is the cats meow!!! How about being able to push a button and the machine automatically changes from foot controls to HAND! A FULLY adjustable seat, ability to change hydro flow for different atachments just by pressing a switch, Controls are super easy on the hands or feet needing little preasure, TURBO, 1900 lb tipping rating, etc.:D Any body can run this thing! Talk about steady. This baby is rock solid and will allow you to shave a consistant distance with out gouging. We've been correcting water shed around rental properties. This machine has really shown its colors in several conditions.
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    funny this post came up because I just talked to my friend tongiht who owns a 873 ( I think thats it, the one with the tracks, but it could be 863, I get confused with bobcat's numbers!) and he laughed at me.

    It turned out he blew a track on the left side of the machine today. Not the end of the world, right? Well, he called up bobcat and got a price for a new one..........a little over 2,000. OUCH!

    and, to make things worse, he has to replace both tracks because the machine will be unbalanced with one new and one, in total (+ 200 installation) his bill is going to be close to $4300.

    Maybe something to think about.

    By the way though, bobcat did say that some of the original tracks were made out of too soft of a rubber, and had changed their design on newer machines. He may have a chance argueing the point with them, but one can never tell.

    As for the t190, I've heard its basically a 773 but with the track system instead. Any other info on it?

  3. Highpoint

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    This machine may be in next years budget to purchase. I can promise that all aspects of service and parts replacement will be looked at before the purchase. $4300 really sucks!!! Any way, at the present, Bobcat has 3 machines with a dedicated track system. The T190 and T200 are the smaller version wrapped around the basic frame size of an Bobcat 763 or a Case 1840 or a JD 250.:cool:
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    problem with track machines is replacement cost of tracks we wear out a set of tires a year, they cost from $800-$1200 a set try that with tracks
  5. if i am not mastakin T190 is made by New Holland not Bobcat
    i also don't think you can compare the two

    and i don't think you can generalise all skid steers as bobcats any moore because there are a lot of manufactures like JD,New Holland,Case,Takeuchi,Toyota,Geihl,ASV etc.
  6. eskals

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    True, you can't. However, to me Bobcat has become the common name for skid steers. It's like kleenex is the name for tissue.

    If I am not mistaken, doesn't Bobcat have a huge proportion of the market? Something like 50 percent of all new skid steers sold are Bobcat brand?

  7. paul

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    Lawngodfather, you are thinking of the New Holland LS190, Bobcat T-190 is a 773 set up with tracks. There is a big differance in lifting between the T-190 and LS190.
  8. I looked at the Bobcat web site and did not see any other tracked loader besides the 864 witch i have used before but I did see the new 883 that i am demoing in the morning I want one with cab n heat and A/C

    I have been using a Mustang POS that I barrow it need a new radiator but it gets the jobs done I think its a 545

    the only thing I don't like about Bobcat around here the dealer is veary COCKY and a lot more expesive than the other bands and dealers outside his protcted area but I stil like Bobcat brand for the feachers i am used too

    I have aproxamitly 2000hrs on Bobcats and some hrs on others but i don't own one I might just have to check out the new tracked ones


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