Bobcat T190 Vs Case 420CT Series 3

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Daner, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I dont use the float function. Never have on any machine. I am with you on the highflow. You never know when you might want it. The Alpha series has the ability to have high flow field installed. While it would be cheaper to have a machine installed at the factory, but you could install it later if you needed it. That is new for this series. It has been since the 1800 series that you could add high flow after the fact.
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    High flow will also help the resale when you sell your machine down the road.
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    I just saw your question reference the Float function. Sorry I missed that when I responded earlier. There is a button on the control handle that activates the float function. Odd you cant see the cutting edge. You might try airing up the seat and which will give you a higher seating position in the cab.
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    There were so many questions and buttons to try on that new TR270 that I for got about the float:weightlifter:
    No problem, I see were it is now on the stick.

    One thing that I,m wondering is, if there is a rear stabilizer kit for the 270
    I do need one on the machine.
    I know I could make my own but the back end of the TR looks like a bit of a problem to mount one.
    There must be a way...any tips on this will help.
    Good to know that the hi flow can be added later too.
  5. Daner

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    Good point...Thank You

    I do hear now that most buy without the hi flow
    and I may not realy need it, unless theres something that i,m missing
    this machine will be used mostly for reg landscaping, the mulching was just something I was thinking about.
    as long as it can run a snow blower good:waving:
  6. ksss

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    Although I cant say for certain, I would guess the rear stabilizers would mount on the same mounting system as the counter weights. There are plastic plugs on the side of the machine that cover the holes for the counter weights. The dealer would likely have the best answer to that. I am sure it is possible to mount one.

    23 gpm will run a snow blower just fine. Bridgestone also makes a set of tracks for CTLs that are made to run in snow and ice.
  7. Daner

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    I have a question about the 10 pin elc. outlet.

    From what I see in the cab of the tr270 they have 3 switchs on the left stick,
    and 1 on the right.
    I assume that the right switch is to control the main flow in and out of the remote hyd. And the other 3 on the left will work 3 hyd cylinders up and down.
    Are there any more switchs in the cab to run 1 or 2 more funtions?

    I want to run a 4 blade tree spade with this machine, and I'm not clear yet on the 10 pin.

    I'm going back to the dealers today to have a good look at this

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