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  1. Craaaig

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    i don't know the exact years on them, but both of them were using them mainly for snow removal
  2. BrandonV

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    we were constantly replacing the front spring/shock when we used it to load trees. we don't carry anything heavier than a pallet of plants now. don't plan to dig with it, pick up heavy things or anything like that. I doesn't lift high enough to load anything like a dump truck, you might order one of those high dump buckets though.... that might get it done.
  3. shooterm

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    I'm just updating this because I've been doing alittle research on them. I ran another "utility" truck like these called a SEE tractor in the military. It was a UNIMOG with a backhoe/mechanic layout on the back. The bucket on the front was worthless due to suspension ride. The back was worthless due to six different contractors interlocking equipment in a snarled mess. I think these could work as a work cart and snowplow due to it suspension front. I would never consider that loader arm in front as anything other then luxury item, think just snowplow/put a toolbox in it.

    This is old tech that came after WW2. They never caught on due to the unimog trying to shove stupid items on it like moldboard plows,booms,backhoes....etc. People bought these(US GOV) and assumed it was a jack of all trades and beat that crap out of them. Bobcat needs to do alittle research on this older product and learn from it. They are allowing to many attachments for this machine and soon this machine will get a bad rap. Platform for simple estate management, thats more fuel efficient then 1/2 ton truck, and can carry atleast 1/2 ton.
  4. ksss

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    There have been some threads on HEF about them. Apparently drive motors are an issue, an expensive issue. They sure look cool.
  5. city_worker

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    We have 5 of these in our fleet and the main issues are with the steering and hydraulics. The hydraulic pumps/motors are constantly letting go and need replacing and the costs are not cheap. As for the steering seems they like to have tie rods replaced allot. The rest of the machine seems to hold up pretty good. Even using bio fuel in them we have no issues. The problem is getting the parts in. The unit sits longer than it is least it seems that way. Hope this helps in your decisions with this model. Ours are 2008 models
  6. BrandonV

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    when we had one we went through the front springs/shocks like crazy it got stupid expensive
  7. AEL

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    They are great machines, but I would not consider one a replacement for a skid steer.
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  8. tailboardtech

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    this^ especially since the only thing you can load is a 1 ton dump truck
  9. AEL

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    And even that is a struggle. I don't think one would load a 14 yard box
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  10. EA Quinn

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    We have a 2011 toolcat with 360 hrs on it. We just blew a wheel motor on it which we are not happy about at all. Bobcat did pick up the bill, but at 300 hrs to have metal flakes in the system is not good. As far as the machine goes, it is awesome! For snow removal we use a plow, spreader, broom and pusher on it. Very very versatile. We have found this to be a great asset for our landscape crew as well. We put turf tires on it, and is much better for doing bush ripouts and landscape work. As opposed to our skidsteers the all wheel steering with turf tires leaves little to no rutting. Aside from this current issue, we also had a cracked hydraulic tank on it. If bobcat offers an extended warranty I would suggest taking it.

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