Bobcat tracks?


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Cloudcroft, NM
I currently have 1900 hrs on my original tracks on my t320 and headless to say, they are on their last leg. I was just curious if anyone had any experience with either the multi lug or earth force tracks that bobcat are now offering. I work in the mountains either on the side of a hill moving brush all day or cutting driveways and have been really happy with the c pattern tracks, but was just curious if these other options may suit me better. My dealer doesn't know much about them, so I thought I would check with you guys. I know "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but it don't hurt to look different options, besides the c pattern tracks are horrible in snow. Thanks for any help.


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Multi lugs aka Mclarens, I had them on my former TL130 and loved how smooth they were and minimal ground disturbance. I have also been told by a contact that they are wicked awesome in snow as the small bars grab the ice better than the large contact pads on the C lug tracks.
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