Bobcat tree spade (ts34c) wiring

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    Hi, sorry for bumping into what I imagine is a site for mostly professionals. I've learned a lot from other forums on this site, so I thought I'd try here for an answer to my brother-in-law's dilemma.

    He's rented a Bobcat skidsteer for the weekend, to move some of his pine trees around. While moving one, he managed to snag the plug for the control harness, tearing all the wires out. I got there after he spent hours just plugging things in at random. I'm confident that I've got the proper wires for each of the blades and the gate (checking continuity from each solenoid, and tracing the wiring back to the switches in the control harness), but these things are a mess on the inside. I'm also pretty sure I got the level light correct, but there are 4 wires - those that power the circuit - that I'm not sure of.

    Would anyone be willing to share a wiring diagram/pinout for where the control harness plugs into the tree spade attachment? He's got about a day and half before the rental company is open again, and they just plan to buy a new control harness. Besides the money, he's losing a lot of tree moving time.

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    Oh, if someone could email me a pinout, or even a photo of your plug, with the wires coming out, I'd really appreciate it. You could send any info to

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