bobcat walkbehind trans.


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york pa.
I just don't understand how to adjust this trans. , it is relatively simple, there are 3 pulleys, one on the engine shaft , one on the trans. , and the 3rd. is a tensioner , when i move the lever which controls the tension to the 5 different settings I can only make the machine move at one speed on the 3rd. notch , one speed thats it the other settings on the control lever wont move the machine. The machine will only attempt to move on the lower settings.


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sounds like you have some broken shift keys in the trans.
watch your output shafts on the trans to see if they speed up in the higher gears if they dont pull the trans and split it open

good luck john


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your variable pitch pulley is bound you increase the tension the belt should ride deeper in the pulley because the halves of the pulley seperate some .