Bobcat with steel tracks?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by all ferris, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. all ferris

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  2. bobcat_ron

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    Maybe it's that bigger T380 everyone thinks Brokeback broke Bobcat will come out with.

  3. Junior M

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    It has the step so it is atleast a t300 or t320..
  4. SiteSolutions

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    I emailed them to see what a set for a T-190 would run. I will let y'all know what they say...
  5. Bleed Green

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    What is different about the track frame, looks the same to me?
  6. minimax

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    Berco had a steel track to fit a Deere CT332 at the conexpo this year.
    They say that there is a steel track coming for the CT322 later.
  7. RentalGuy

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  8. bobcat_ron

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    Expect a miserable ride, heavier machine weight, more power needed to turn that weight, less ground speed and a higher price tag. Every major component on the undercarriage needs to be changed, front/rear idlers, rollers, sprockets and tensioners, that's a hefty price tag. We will see who's machine lasts the longest with the harsh ride they give!
  9. ksss

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    All that is probably true. However if you compare the large CTLs from a hp standpoint even the weaker sisters in the large CTL's have more hp and in some cases more torque than what is offered in CATs D3, Deere 450 and Case 550 dozers (in some cases up to 20 hp more). Granted the dozers are built heavier than a CTL, but dozers are also single function machines. I would say they already have the power to pull steel tracks.

    For those in the right application steel tracks would make a lot sense, especially the mulcher guys who seldom cross improved surfaces which is the biggest draw back to these on a CTL. Over the long term steel tracks would likely be cheaper for many guys, especially the MTL operators. As far as uncomfortable to run, yea I would guess they would be rough riding, but if your on soft ground it would not likely be that bad espiecally combined with the lower ground speeds that would follow the steel tracks.
  10. dozerman21

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    I think it could be a disaster if they just replace the rubber with steel. There are many factors to consider with adding that extra weight and traction. You're right about the higher HP, but HP isn't as important on a dozer as a skid or CTL. Since dozers are built from the ground up to support a steel U/C, they can take the abuse.

    Ron makes good points. It will take a lot of power to turn those. Even on the large frame, high HP CTL's that I've ran, they bogg down some in a hard turn, not to mention mud or soft dirt. I think my biggest concern would be internal parts like the entire drive system.

    I think it be a sweet machine to have, but I would want it to be a machine that was made for steel tracks, one that can support the kind of tractive effort it would achieve.

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