Bobcat Z Control Issues

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crossboneracing, May 10, 2010.

  1. crossboneracing

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    Hi Guys wondering if anyone has a new bobcat z control wb. I bought a 48" with the 17hp kawi earlier this year and have a couple issues. First, when trying to drive it up hill it wheelies real bad, does it when turning up hill too, it bounces quite a bit on bumpy ground as well as it seems way too light in the front. I am making some weights now to try to control this issue and bolting them to the leading edge of the deck. Anyone else with the same mower having this problem? Also, it seems that the height chart in the manual is way off. I have it set to 3" and it is mowing more at like 4". Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this or has any solutions! Any help would be great!
  2. cbegap

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    I have a bob cat 48 belt with pistol grips and it is really light in the front also. Just the nature of the beast I think. As to the height chart, I talked to a rep at Bob cat and he said he wished they would not advertise the heights as inches, especially on the Ztr. He said the adjustment is non linear and you just have to measure and know which height is which. On the WB my manual has 2 charts and a lot depends if the axle is in the high or low position, which holes the deck to engine platform is bolted into and where all the washers and spacers are placed. Get all the variables
    correct and it should be fairly close. FWIW my bobcat is older so hopefully I am not speaking out of turn.
  3. jmullins6987

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    Bobcat has a weight kit to mount to the front of the deck to resolve the front popping up. I have a set if your intersted.
  4. Remington4

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    Yep, it is accessory part number 970272 and will work on the 48" unit in applications that require extra weight.
  5. pugs

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    Last time I looked the height charts are all screwy anyway. They need to rewrite that. I had taken a new one out of the crate and looked at the chart to see what it was set at from the factory....the settings it was at were not even in the chart and the machine had far more spacers on the wheels than what the chart described. I almost think the chart is for some much older machines that didnt have as big a range of adjustment.
  6. Remington4

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    Hello pugs,

    I might have an updated height of cut chart for you to look at. What is your email?


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