Bobcat zt7000 or Grasshopper 325D


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Ok I have my purchase narrowed down to the Bobcat zt7000 with 35hp kawasaki or Grasshopper 325D with 25 HP Kubota diesel. 61 inch cut. I need opinions on which way I should go. I can get the Bobcat for around 11k and the Grasshopper for around 13,250. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks!


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Do you put a lot of hours on? The diesel can prob go 5000+ hours the gas maybe 2500. And the diesel maybe has half the fuel consumption of the gas


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Both should cut great. However, the diesel will last 20 years, easily. The diesel will also sip fuel. The big Kawasaki will last a couple thousand hours, as mentioned, and it will drink fuel. Another factor is which machine has the best parts and service available. If that is equal, then I would go with the diesel, as I like a machine that will last for years, and not break the bank on fuel costs. I don't think you can go wrong with either machine though. Great choices.

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