Bobcats Airfx mower deck

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Fireside Maintenance, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Fireside Maintenance

    Fireside Maintenance LawnSite Member
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    Those who have used this mower deck or seen other people use them, what’s you thoughts on them? Do they cut wet grass? Do they clump? Clippings pretty chopped up? If you don’t use bobcat mowers now, would you give em a try?
  2. Ridin' Green

    Ridin' Green LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Michigan
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    The baffle design looks an awful lot like the JD HC deck.
  3. Jew8201

    Jew8201 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 179

    Not familiar with that JD HC deck...the Airfx doesn’t look to bad in design seems to have a large discharge chute opening and not to tightly baffled.
  4. lawnpro@home

    lawnpro@home LawnSite Member
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    seems OK, bobcat has been known to be very reliable, similer to scag in my opinion
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  5. Jew8201

    Jew8201 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 179

    Ended up with a scag cheetah 61 37 vanguard efi. Very pleased thus far halfway into the season.
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  6. Dawson

    Dawson LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,405

    I would love to hear your opinion on that engine? that's more than likely what's going to be on the next machine I get unless I start hearing a lot of bad things about it.
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  7. Jew8201

    Jew8201 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 179

    I’m here to tell you whatever mower you get, GET THE 37 EFI VANGUARD. It’s a game changer man. It’s unbelievable. The power is just out of this world. Nothing can stop it (relatively speaking of coarse) it’s truly remarkable. And the fuel economy is outstanding when considering the power. I’ll never run nothing else.
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  8. shane772

    shane772 LawnSite Member
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    Unless you get a 'bad' one. There's plenty of posts on here. I think problems are the exception however. After my experience I won't buy another one.
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  9. Dawson

    Dawson LawnSite Bronze Member
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    FairPoint but you can find posts and reviews about problems with every engine manufacturer, the question is do you find lots of posts of people having the same problem over and over? And you have to take that into account because you can find negative stuff about anything you look into, and you're going to get lemons with any mechanical device No matter how well it's made. Personally I've had bad luck with Kohler engines and Kawasaki engines.... I would still say they're good engines though because I know plenty of people that have had good luck with them.

    What really interests me about the vanguard engine is I've seen numerous people mention how smoothly they run which to me means more effort was put into balancing the engine. Vibration and heat are both bad for engines . Vanguard's oil guard system that's coming on some mowers now has the added benefit of keeping the engine a little bit cooler as well.
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  10. T Total Lawncare

    T Total Lawncare LawnSite Bronze Member
    Male, from The deep south
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    Had a guy tell me today that Briggs designed the Vanguard in collaboration with Dahaitsu. I had never heard that. He had 3 TT2’s on the trailer with 35 Vanguards. He seemed to know his stuff. He was an anti EFI guy though. Said he was a small engine mechanic for years and would only run stuff he could work on himself. He also told me one of his Vanguards had slung a rod completely out of the engine this season. It was fixed now. Good convo none the less..

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