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    Hey, how many of you guys regulary use bog filtration for your ponds instead of mechanical filtration and UV lights? I have only built one pond in my own yard (1000gal.) and used a bog garden of appropriate size for my filter since i didn't want to fool with filters all the time. It is going on three years now and i have not even had to replace the plants in the bog and everything is crystal clear. As i learn more over the next year or so and venture into building one or two for customers, what are the pros and cons of bog filters vs. mechanical? Thanks, John

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    Bog filters are good.
    I would set up a drain in the bottom of the filter so you can periodically drain out some of the sludge that will accumulate in time. This will help keep things cleaner.
    Bog gardens can only handle so much waste. As your fish grow it may be hard for the bog to handle to extra waste. IF you get a bad frost one year, the plants may die off, and then you wont have the filtration in the early spring. Bog filters only filer when the plants are growing, unless you have a series of gravel and padding in the filters too.

    Fyi, just because you water is "clean" and "clear" doesn't alway mean it is healthy.

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    Thanks for the reply. i was starting to wonder if anyone put them to use.

    I am a big fan of keeping things natural. The good thing about our area is that the winters never really get that bad. the plants still die back every winter after a good frost, but they always come back in the spring. Using some of my plant knowledge from horticulture aspect, most plants outside of annuals are still living and using nutrients in the winter. the are in a simi dormant state where they are def. not using as much to produce top growth, but you will see good root development over the winters. I was planning on a 20% bog to pond ratio so that it would be able to handle the increased demands of fish. These people will not be putting any Koi in there, so the waste factore should be a little less. I understand what you are saying with the clear is not always healthy. i had one trying time with my pond when we had a very hot summer and i lost a few fish. i attributed it to lower oxygen levels, invested in a good aerator and have been trouble free ever since.

    Do you have any design tips for building bog gardens. mine was built with three half wiskey barrels that had pvc pipe running into the bottom of them and were filled with pea gravel and the plants placed in the top. the water would fill up the barrels, overflow into a basin and flow back into the pond. it seems to work good, but i have a customer i am working with and want to try other ideas. thanks everyone.

    BTW: here are a few pics of my pond, understand 1. it is mine, so the details may not be there that would go into a customers pond 2. remember it was my first pond built (hand dug the whole blessed thing in clay).


    FISH POND PICS (4).jpg

    FISH POND PICS (12).jpg

    FISH POND PICS (27).jpg

    tpics 008.jpg

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    BTW: as you can tell, i learned the hard way from all the random shoots of plants outside the basin that Elephant Ears are highly evasive in water gardens.
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    UV filters work wonderfully, on my camera ! :laugh:
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    besides plants outgrowing the bog, are there any other cons?
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    What Size Pump are U Using For That?
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    I love using bog filtration. Im thinking of only offering that for ponds. I figure my bog size by surface sq. ft. 1 bog foot for every 8 feet of pond, you can actually use a smaller estimate 1 to every 12feet and still filter clear water.
    These pics are of a pond I did 3 years ago and its nice clear water all the time.


    pondy resized.jpg

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