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    Thanks for the replies guys. When I first started doing these estimates a few weeks ago i thought I must be going nuts or something. Now I know at least i'm not alone. I agree with all you guys. As a smaller operator I am selling quality of service at a reasonable price. Since I have been in the mowing side for a while I long ago learned that the low price shoppers were the ones to stay away from. This being my first year as a licensed applicator, I am just testing the waters. Next year I'm really going after these bozos who are ruining the price structures.
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    In my experience in competing with TG/CL and other large companies, their square footage is about right, but they are applying very little product. A potential customer showed me what they had done. They applied 30 lb. of product on 10,200 sq. ft. I was figuring on more than twice that amount. Most home owners are smart enough to operate a measuring wheel, but most don't know what or how much to apply. If they did, they would do it themselves. Most of the big boys are compensating higher fertilizer prices with less product to keep their prices low and get the price shoppers.
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    Remember, the truth is in the analysis. Applying 30 pounds of product to a 10,000 square foot lawn may or may not be underapplying depending on the %analysis of the product.
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    You mentioned you were charging $40 per 10K/sqft. I have had a few companies come by and do estimates and they are wanting $38-40 for my small little 7750 sqft(which they "measured" at 6900 or so). May just be my area I don't know.

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