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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by greenngrow, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. greenngrow

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    I got a call from the phone book company in my area. The Real Yellow pages....

    They wanted to sell me yellow page advertising. I had stay away form this in the past, but thought that it might increase the sells.

    Now my question to you out there..

    Do you use yellow page ads?

    Do you use bold print in the white page directory?

    Do you do both.

    I have a separate line in my home for my business. It is at the present under my own name in the white pages...

    If I change it to my business name they put this line under business rate. It lake double of what residential rate are.
  2. bruces

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    The trouble with the bold line in the white pages is that people will have to be looking for YOU to find you.

    If you go with the yellow pages people will find your if they are looking for "lawn maintenance" or wherever you are listed. In my opinion the bold white pages doesn't do anything for you unless you are already in the yellow pages or someone already knows you and is looking for you.

    Also, you would need to change the phone # to the business name for the white pages to do any good. I have my yellow page ad in the business name with my second line that I am still paying the residential rate on.

    The yellow pages haven't done much for me (came out in May of last year), but I have gotten a little business and I think it adds a little credibility.
  3. grshppr

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    I usually don't go too big in the yellow pages. Just a simple business card sized ad to have a presence. I agree it adds credibility, and shows you are not a fly by night operation. I would almost be tempted to say put a bold line in the white pages too. A lot of customers are elderly, and have a hard time reading, so if they want to look you up, at least they can read the phone number.
  4. Heavenly Green

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    they called me to. I said I was interested in a small ad, let me see what you can come up with. Yesterday I got two ad proofs to choose from. Tell me which one yall think would be more effective.
    either one looks like itll cost me $199. per mo. Sure hope its worth it. I need atleast 50 new clients this season and hoping this will help.

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  7. dklawncare

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    $200 a month. Wow! I sure hope you get 50 clients for your wallet's sake. Just a warning, i have heard that the yellow pages give very little business, especially if there are 4 pages full of lawn care and landscaping ads. For $200 you could get 3500 door hangers customized. That way you are going toward them. That is what I am doing compared to the yellow pages route. I might go to the newspaper in early march as well. The thing with the yellow pages is that a lot of times people are wanting service one time only for like vacations or what not. Just my opinion though.
  8. JVS

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    Do not waste your $$$ Telephone book sales mean 1) you cater to all types of calls (call from deadbeats et al.) 2) It's non exclusive -thus your there with a ton of your competitors
    3) MOST IMPORTANT- yellow pages or phone book calls are impuse buyers- WHO ARE MAJOR LEAGUE SHOPPERS
    4) The close ratio on T- phone book sales are very slim-
  9. brentsawyer

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    Personally when it gets to a time, if ever, I will not put my name in there with maintenance b/c you'll get calls from all over town. But I'd consider the landscaping section b/c larger profit for each closed sale.

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