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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by hosejockey2002, Jun 6, 2005.

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    Anyone care to share their bonehead mistakes? I've got a good one. A couple weeks ago I'm doing a customer's scheduled monthly maintenance. A thunderstorm is looming, so I'm in a hurry to get it done. I come across what appears to be a couple of odd looking weeds. I think nothing of it, pull them out, finish the job, leave the bill and head out just as the storm starts. Later the phone rings and my customer wants to know why I pulled out her newly planted dwarf lilac plants. :dizzy: Needless to say the minute I hung up the phone I was on the horn to find replacement plants. Luckily I was able to find them available at a reasonable cost and my customer is happy again. :blush:
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    When I first got my pesticide license and started fertilizing I found out the power of fertilizer burning up grass. I was daydreaming on one yard and I didn't pull the handle shut all the way when I stopped fertilizing with the LESCO spreader. I did this on a few passes.

    Next week the customer calls and says they had dead grass. I also sprayed Speedzone during that visit and i thought i used to high of a concentrate so i thought I may have killed a lot of grass.

    When i got to the customers house I could tell where I stopped the spreader and didn't shut the handle tight enough. Luckily i only replace a few strips dead of grass.
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    I drove my mower down a flight of stairs and couldn't get it back up.

    No, wait, that wasn't me.

    I rented a brush mower the other day and forgot to return the key when I returned the mower. They called me 5 minutes after I left and I turned around to bring it to them. I got a phone call along the way, requesting an estimate, so I drove across town, did the estimate, got the customer, and went to Austin for the day. I found the key days later when I was doing laundry. I felt pretty stupid when I returned it. I don't know if they had a spare key or if nobody else needed to rent the mower.
  4. cleancutccl

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    Set up to do an account on a busy street and put out cones behind the trailer, did the account loaded up and shut the gate on the trailer and started cleanup. Finished cleanup and drove off without the cones, luckily 2 blocks away I looked back and saw the bright orange and circled around.
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    Just bought a brand new JD 757. Loaded it up on my trailer and pulled away. Well I was so excited to get the new mower, I lost the key. I honestly owned the thing for less than 5 min and had already lost my key. Luckily I pulled over real quick and serched everywhere. Finally I found it laying on the corner of my trailer. How it didn't fall of the trailer I'll never know!

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    wow to many to list...

    but heres a good one , was drilling post holes for a deck with a dingo. the power lines were marked from the box along the house and existing deck to the corner of the yard. the existing deck was strait with the side of the house , lets say this is a strait north and south line with the house being north. There was a pool intsalled about 12 feet south of the existing deck. with the side also in a strait line with the house and deck. so standing at the house and looking south you would see the side of everything in a strait line..

    ok so im building a deck between existing deck and pool. im drilling a hole about 12" east of the strait line,and about 6" south of an existing concrete pier. the power lines were marked about 6" west of the strait line. im drilling my hole and here a couple loud bangs in the back round.didnt think anything of it. im about done drilling and the neighbor comes out and askes me if i hit the power line. so i pull out the drill and look in the hole. ohhhh sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t , drilled right through the power lines for the house. the rule is 18" from where it is marked. i thought that there was no way the power lines would curve around the outside of the old deck. but they did i should have dug by hand and found them first,,ooops. they curved around the corner of the deck then back out to the markings.

    well i took out two transformers. which knocked out the power to 20 houses. it was july and 95 degrees out. the power company was out there for 18 hours strait to repair them. NOW THATS A BAD DAY....
  7. liquidforcedude7

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    Thats like mine but it was $75 worth of checks. I set them on the back bumper and my went to the store or somewhere and took them with him. We found both almost 2 miles away...we looked for like 3 hours. By the end it wasnt about the money I just didnt want to have too call the people and tell them I lost their checks. That was a bad day. :angry:
  8. tjgray

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    I felt your pain all the way down South..... :cry:
  9. Remsen1

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    Pulled away from trailer with electrics still connected. I had the slack wire bungee corded to the trailer tongue and pulled the end of the connector off.

    Ran out of trimmer line and discovered that I my new spool was not with me.

    I used to always forget my customers names, invariably they'd come out to say hello while I was working and I felt really ********. Now I make it a point to say their names before I get out of the truck and if I can't think of it, I look for it in my note book before i jump out.

    Pulled away from property with trailer gates still down. dang that'll make you feel stupid, it's so loud it attracts everbodies attention.

    and much much more!
  10. Pro-Scapes

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    Had the bucket on the tractor up to high and knocked out some power lines lol. Thats not to hard to do tho. Done alot of other stupid small sh**. Done the lost key and had to hot wire a mower. Even been 5 miles from home before I rememebered I forgot the trailer with the mower at home lol. just rememeber to give God some extra thanks for the days that go well. If I don't take the time to wake up in the morning before loading up I can forget alot of things!

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