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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. ant

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    I work alone and My son works with me part time. He worked about 150 this season. It may seem like nothing but he is a big help and worth 100 % of what I pay him plus some. I plan on giving him a bonus this season but not sure where to start. What monies bonuses do you pay your guys and how did you come to that number?
  2. punt66

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    He is your son! Write him a big fat check.
  3. Stillwater

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    This post bothers me for some reason, Probably because your asking chumps hear on lawnsite what level of bonus to give your son. Anyway only you know what he has done for you and only you know what he needs wants and desires and only you know his true value. Get back to basics and refresh your mind of what a bonus really is. A bonus is a recognition of value gratitude and respect It should reflect these principles. Only you can put a number on that.
  4. ant

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    Thank you for your reply. I hear what you are saying about "knowing what he has done" and you are correct. this same question was tabled at another forum. Most guys based there bonus on Hrs worked aNd production of there crew. One owner said that his crew of 3 logged in 1400 hrs this cutting season and he was giving them across the board .25 cents per hour.per man (350.00 bonus) well that may sound good to you guys that run a full time operation but for me I was thinking that in my situation it Would have to be a few dollars per hour bonus. It would be a slap in the face to give him less.
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  5. punt66

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    give him enough to pay for his Christmas.
  6. br549oicu8

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    My son works for me, too, so I understand your question. He (33 years old) gets a Christmas present from Dad, and a separate bonus from the business as my other employees do. As to how much....well that varies. How much true profit are you willing to part with? How much better does his presence make your business? There's no true formula in my eyes for the small business that doesn't have set quotas, so go with your instinct.
    Treat employees good, and they typically do so in return.
  7. fl-landscapes

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    We are only talking about 150 hours of work, if that was anyone but your son it would likely be a miniscule bonus if any as he didnt put very many hours in. However it is your son so just give him whatever you feel will make you and him happy.

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