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    I've only got two guys both full time march through December . I throw my lead guy who has been with me a couple of years 1k cash money and the other $300
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    This has been one thing I've always felt my boss is lacking on. Particularly to the reason as we always have trouble with keeping the seasonal guys. Every year I have to train some new guy or re-train some stubborn experienced guy.

    It all depends on the person.. When I first started and I was seasonal I felt blessed to be working here and stuck through it..

    A small incentive to help them stick it through and come back next season I think is needed.. nothing to break the bank of course
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    Aloha ring a bell?
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    I'm actually talking about our crewman. It's always been a vague ' ahh well were gonna slow down quite a bit here ' . Then..sooo this week is gonna be the last week here. I'll call you in the spring time to see if you're available. ' I completely understand that's the nature of the beast... I stuck through it when that happened to me.

    For the foremans, I feel we get plenty and I'm in a position to want to help others that I feel deserve it.
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    If your shorter than 5'8", weigh less than 160lbs, valid drivers license, and cannot speak English I am hiring. Otherwise, I am not hiring.
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    Why the height specification?
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    So he can look down at them. ;)

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    I am 6'2'', I look down at most people; I am not that way though. I only hire non English speakers because they cherish being in America and working. During lunch they pull out their bibles and discuss scripture, then they get back to working hard. They are what Americans used to be.

    I have hired 5 english speaking laborers in the last two years and this is how it ended up:

    1. Quit after first day.
    2. Quit after 4 days.
    3. Left for lunch on first day never to return.
    4. Stole a 521A after 2 days
    5. Brought drugs to work...I called the police... then he tried to file un-employment.

    I prefer short workers because it is not as hard on them while working on pipe in trenches, it's physics and know one knows it better than tall irrigators. Look at any of the guys that have been in the industry for a while over 5'10", I guarantee you they can't count knee surgeries or back issues on one hand.

    Like I said, I pay a laborer more than most pay a tech. I do not exploit labor.
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    if you don't mind sharing what do you pay your guys?

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