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Hey-Stick9, Your right, we are all in it for the money, but I feel Christmas time is a good time to lighten up with the work-a-holic attitude and while this time of the year is not as busy, it doesn't hurt to make your client feel special. I have a lot of residental customers, on a first name basis. I treat them as a friend as well as a client. There is a lot of company's that do good work, that can be replaced by another company that does good work, but its hard to replace a friend!!!!!! Hey- Charles, putting your name on an item is not "TACKY". It gives your client easy access to your info- all year round. They appreciate that & they like the gift. Not all folks are listed in the yellow pages--yet!!!!! A Merry CHRISTMAS to ALL.


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Southern, Maine
We feel what I posted in last one, Kindness goes along way and only shines a brighter image on you and your company, We are on a first name basis with our residential and the corporations we maintain and we feel its only the right thing to do plus we enjoy it. Dont be a cheap skate get them an x-mas card, we get 50plus back easy and its nice to see our customers are thinking of us as we are them, to us its not ONLY business. For the bah-humbugs you might be missing out on something you never know till ya try. Our x-mas count this year is 52 recieved!!!!


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central Maine
On sending Christmas cards - For what's it's worth from a customer viewpoint. The local car dealer started sending me cards after I bought my first pickup from him about four years ago. The cards have his company name and employees' signatures on the inside. We display it with the others. I bought a second truck from him about two years ago and just yesterday went to talk to him about letting me know when he gets in a particular size and type. I wouldn't say the cards were a major factor but did't hurt.