Boogered up my old mower... :(

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KS_Grasscutter, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Well, a month or more ago, i was mowing at the farm, around an old machine shed, and hit the concrete and steel deal that holds the door from blowing when open. Anyway, I finally just got around to fixing it. From what i can tell, the deck is warped, and the spindle is boogered up real bad. I am thinking about just buying a 36in deck for it (I DO have the HP for it, cause i forgot to check the oil once last year, and I upgraded to 14.5 at that point). I just dont have the money right now for ANY parts, let alone a new deck. What is the best way to bend it back up right? I would like to start using this unit again as a backyard mower, but at this point the blade dont even turn LOL.

    Also, what is the best online place to order parts (spindle and whatnot) for this (Forgot to mention at first, this is my 02 30in Dixon).

    Would like to add, this is in NO WAY the mowers fault, just the idiot running it (...ME). Mowed around the concrete deal TWICE, went and did another aera, came back and wasnt thinking, and just mowed right over it.

    Might as well post some pics of the damage i caused from my case of Idiotism...



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    try the largest inventory in the u.s.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    I can't "see" the deck damage.
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    Can't be that hard to fix really, New spindle housing from the dealer (no, there will be no way to find one for a 30" from a commercial mowing catalog). Some come with bearings, some do not, check prices. It may be much cheaper to get the bearings from murdock supply. Have to check the shaft for straightness, sometimes very hard to see if it's bent at all.

    Other option, JB weld those tabs back on, bolt it back up and go! LOL
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    since its a single blade deck I don't think it would matter if the deck is warped. I know that spindle is cast, but you can have it welded and tempered by someone who knows what he's doing.
    New bearings and shaft, you'll be good to go!
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    I have the same deck on my old machine. I use a piece of 1 1/8 plywood and 4 pieces of ready rod with 4 nuts per rod 2 nuts holding tight to plywood 2nut pushing or pulling to adjust. fasten the deck to the plywood (screws through holes on outside edge) with the rods lined up with the spindle holes.take your time
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    Thanks for all the tips, everyone. The deck IS bent, right in front of the spindle, as when the blade hit, it had enough momentum to twist the spindle, causing the deck to be bent from that. I will do as said above, one of those "why didnt I think of that" moments. The deck is bent enough that the blade actually scrapes the side and top going around.

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