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    Let me start off by saying that im only 17 right now and will be 18 in november. Now with that said I want to start reading up on lawn care(like fertilizing and weed control) I wanna learn as much as possible and start figuring out cost to see if it is even worth it for my self to get my pesticides license in november ones im 18. Are there any books or websites that any of you could recommend to learn from? Because im really interested in this side of the business, I dont want to just do it for the money I actually want to learn something from it and have a good understanding of what I am doing. Im particularly interested in what products you guys use, where you could possibly get in/prices. And some equipment that would be necessary.

    Like i said any books or other information or even your own experience would be highly appreciated!
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    Science and Culture of Turfgrass by Jim Beard.

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