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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 1stclasslawns, Apr 15, 2003.

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    When i started applications I had no idea how it would go in this town of 10,000. I have gotten a "good" response. and its getting better.
    I called a guy I sub contract for today, to do the one lawn he has here as part of a package deal its over an hour drive time, and he asked me how my application bus. was going. I told him OH about 50 on the app list he paused for a moment and was surprised at the number. He didn't elaborate but I could tell he was surprises that I had so many.
    A short time after I went to bed tonight the phone rang and it was the guy who does the high end folks in town, he has and does the apps on the golf course. But he wants me to start doing his applications! He dosen't have the time with the installs he does, so we reach an agreement, and he is sending me a list! 20+ lawns, I go up on my prices, I measure, I treat, I collect, I send him a check! He makes $ I make $$. I am getting more then before for MY part and I am sending him some for a re feral fee.
    PLUS all this guy has ever done is turf care, and his experience is going to be great as an associate. He told me he had seen me doing some applications and said it looked good to him.

    Sorry for the long post but had to do something to excited to sleep.

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    That's great for both of you. I saw early on that applications are where the money vs investment is.
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    are you a natural lawn care program like your name
    or do you use a standard chem program..
    Is this your first year.
    50 customers does seem real good

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