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    I used to go to a large work shoe store that had about 20 different brands, at least it seemed that way (I've moved). I spent nearly two hours one day trying to find the "best fit". I settled on a pair of Georgia Logging boots with the steel toe. They were made in the USA, just simple comfortable boots. But they were heavy and that showed up on long days, but I still liked them. They had NO liner, just the leather inside on the ankle - probably an 8 inch high boot. And I remembered how comfortable plain leather can be, my feet stayed cooler and the deep lugged sole was great for traction. My wife hated them, lol, due to the "tracking" in of grass, mud, etc.
    Another pair of boots I thought were the most comfortable -also steel toed- but fully lined and waterproof - is the LaCrosse boot. Felt great from day one. Loved them until I wore them for construction and working on the floor, the toes wore through in less than a week. Once I started seeing the toe cap underneath I mixed up some JB weld and coated both of them to keep the leather from totally wearing away.
    Red Wing still makes the white crepe soul, I would like to get a pair of those, but like was mentioned, they are pricey. One of these days.... I do know if you get on their mailing list, they will email you coupons for $25 off throughout the year.
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    Right now I have a pair of New Balance 965 waterproof "Abzord" which are technially made for hiking.

    I must say these are some pretty good overall shoes, especially when walking on slopes.

    I'm always open to upgrading and have taken in the comments from this thread.

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    Danner RATs are amazing, but you pay for quality. I think I paid around $350 after tax.
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    Just check out the Georgia Boot MudDog Wellington...I have had them 6+ years and I honestly wear them 350+ days a year for work, hunting, dog training, field trials..etc. Have been up to the finger hole in ice water and mud numerous times no leaks, left them out in a monsoon and dried em out and they keep on keeping on...only disadvantage would be the weight but they are very comfortable soles.
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    If you get a chance, try Cabelas boots. Had a pair that feel great and my feet are the last thing I worry about at the end of the day, real comfy!
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    I'm going to try a pair of Georgia Boot MudDog Wellington.

    they look like good boots

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    I have redwings now. They are roast after a year and a half. I've been wondering about asolo.
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    Last year I purchased a pair of Keen boots that like everyone else has said fit great from the beginning. Only problem was I destroyed them is 8 months. I Had bought them at a company called Duluth Trading Company that has a "NO BS GUARANTEE". took the boots in and got new pair free. That pair lasted me 5 months into this season, went back again and boot was discontinued. Gave me full credit for returning them and I bought another pair of Keens that seem a little more heavy duty. Like the boots love the store as I will probably exchange again.
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    I'm a bit biased since I work part-time at a Redwing Shoe Store, but I have personally worn various models of Redwings for the last 8 years and wouldn't want to try anything else. As with any brand of boots/shoes, you'll find some comfortable and others not so much, but once you put your foot into the Redwing model and size that was made for you... you'll know why so many blue-collar workers prefer them.

    Just to clear up a few things... the Redwing brand now includes Irish Setter, Worx, Vasque, and a few other lines. Redwings (and the affiliated brands I just mentioned) all carry a one-year warranty on quality/workmanship, a one-year warranty on the waterproof lining (if so equipped with GoreTex or Redwing Waterproof), a thirty-day comfort guarantee, lifetime complimentary in-store oiling, and lifetime complimentary replacement shoe laces (the boots with the patented lacing mechanism carry a lifetime warranty on the mechanism/laces).

    We typically recommend that the boots be oiled every three months to preserve the leather, but that varies greatly according to what you put them through. I've never heard of oiling the rubber soles.

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