BOP Quick 36 with catcher SE PA 1500 obo

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    thanks for the follow up, I saw this old post and the mowers looked the same.
    How can I reach you off this thread?

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    FS: 2007 Quick 36 16hp Kawasaki low hrs $1450 S PA


    I recently picked up a full time job so I am going to sell off some of my extra lawn equipment. I have a Quick 36 Samuri that I bought in May of this year from the original owner. It currently has 327.7 hours on it, I bought it when the hour meter showed 314. Previous owner said he left the key on for a couple of days and should have had about 70 hours run time on it. I have no proof one way or the other. When I bought it I greased it, changed the oil and filter, changed the air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs. It idled rough so I put a new fuel pump on and that did not fix it so I had a new carb put on. It runs great now at any speed. Not one drop of ethenal has been run through the new carb. The mower has a brand new set of "New style high lift" blades from BOP that have never touched grass. It also comes with gator mulching blades and the mulching plates. I am willing to deliver local, meet part way, or deliver for a price. Also willing to ship if buyer arranges. Its a great mower, has never given me a problem, I just have no use for it anymore. I am taking a loss on it, but it will make someone a lot of money. I also have a step saver available if the buyer is interested. Feel free to PM or ask questions. Thanks.
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    Good memory !!
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    Weekend bump
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    1300$. Ill be more willing to cut a deal now than I will be after I store it all winter.
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    Did you ever sell this?
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    Did this ever sell? I'd be all over it if not. epav at comcast dot net

    I am in New Holland, PA and could meet. Orig. from the Exton, PA area

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