BOP Quick Series -- 2nd Generation Announcement !!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by lifetree, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. lifetree

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    As everyone on LS knows, Better Outdoor Products began 8 years ago with the idea of developing a line of commercial grade machines which would be offered exclusively online without incurring the expense of the "middle man" and thereby pass those savings onto their customers.

    I am honored to have been asked by BOP to make the public announcement here on LS concerning the 2nd generation of the Quick series. Following are the substantive changes to the BOP Quick series in 2012 ...

    1.) All of the single drive machines that BOP offers will be equipped with Hydro Gear drives (i.e.-Tuff Torq is no longer offered).

    2.) On all models, the engine will be configured to face the front of the machine, not the side.

    3.) On all models, the fuel tank will be 5 gallons ... no longer the small 3 gallon tank.

    4.) On all models, the clutch/brake to engage the blades will be electric, not manual.

    ***** And finally, the most important announcement is that BOP has developed and will offer, beginning in 2012 ...
    ***** a new deep deck for the Quick series ... this deck will be offered in 2 sizes, 44" and 52" !!

    Please keep in mind that these are the substantive changes and additions which collectively comprise the 2nd generation of the Quick series ... there are other changes which I would invite both Gary and/or Tommy to detail here in this thread, if they choose to do so. Also, I am advised that BOP should have some pictures of these new products available within the next few days and I'm sure they will undoubtedly post them here.

    I will also say that BOP is working on some things that will add significant synergy to their product line ... however, this will be made public at a later time.
  2. GMLC

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    52" deep deck!!! I cant wait to see the pics!
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    So is the 52 a fixed deck?

    And is the front of the engine the air cleaner side on the Kawasaki?
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  5. j-ville native

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    big deal.... they need to make their mowers cut higher than 4" so those mowing St. Augustine can use it and they need their mowers to have a quick height adjustment
  6. djagusch

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    Well I was going to try them if they made a 48" mower, guess not. Why not build the 2nd most common size (61" mowers most common, 48" 2nd most). It is for a cemetery and I know a 52" doesn't make it between most and a 44" I'll need to do another pass for the main rows. Too bad.
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I knew that BOP was working on something behind the scenes! Can't wait to see these deep deck machines. The development of a deep, min. clogging deck is the biggest development.

    Now folks, you need to realize now that these machines will cost more than the 1st gen machines. You want upgrades, you will pay some for them.
  8. djagusch

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    The 44" dually was $3800 plus up to $260 in shipping, so a $4060 mower.

    The problem is when they get to the $4500 price range you are knocking on the door of local dealer price points on fixed deck hydro mowers.

    I bought 3 yrs ago a 48" Hustler trimstar hydro with the floating style deck w/bagger for $4300. Was that a great deal sure, but it means that they can sell that low.

    Price point is why a person first goes with quick. Some have liked the mower and others have had issues. The ones that like them if they have a $4500 mower to order online or a dealer (scag/toro/exmark) with one for $5000 with stocking parts, mechanic's, advice. I think they would spend the extra $500 for the extra service and resale value.
  9. Lawnman J

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    Any idea if we will be able to purchase a 44" deck that will be interchangeable with the old style deck?instead of having to purchase a whole new mower?
  10. lifetree

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    OK folks, I will try to answer some of the questions ...

    Q - Is the new deep deck floating or fixed ??
    A - I think it is a floating deck.

    Q - Are the new deep decks interchangeable with the current power units ??
    A - I don't think they would be if they are floating decks.

    Q - What is the front of the Kawasaki engine ??
    A - The air filter is the front of the Kawasaki engine.

    One last thing ... I think the B & S engines are also being eliminated as an option for the power unit.

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