BOP Quickie 32 owner blade option alert for damp conditions, tall grass etc.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Exact Rototilling, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I have discovered that the Oregon 91-313 single notch blades are a noticeable improvement over the standard blades 92-053 however I have stumbled upon an even better option.

    Oregon # 99-127. The orange blades pictured. As you can see the wing is steeper than the black blade [91-313]

    I have both the Accelerator and Pro-Fit catchers for my BOP mowers. No other blade deck combo [I have the 32, 36 & 44] packs the catchers as densely as the # 99-127 blades on the 32. Both wet and dry.

    Prior to this discovery on damp days I would exclusively run the Q44 with the Oregon # 91-369. This is now the 2nd most damp tolerant combination of blade and deck size. However the 32 deck with the 99-127 is a noticeable jump up in bagging performance.





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    Hello Exact RT and thanks for the tip!
    Where do you buy your blades?
    Please let me know and thanks!
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    I purchased that set of 3 off feebay. The seller I purchsed from doesn't have them any longer.

    They are sold in sets of 3 or 6 since they are for a 3 bladed mower. There is another seller on feebay that has them.
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    Exact--thanks for the information.
    Gary at BOP posted once that the 91-183 was a heavier version of the 313.
    The 313 is certainly an improvement over the standard blade.
    Thanks again and the best to you.
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    As per my signature I will eventually post a review of the Q32 dually. I'll give a bit a preview.

    Prior to using the 99-127 blades I basically found the 32 deck to frankly not offer much of advantage over the 36 deck I have on my single. Currently only 3 accounts are more easily accessed by using the 32 over the 36 deck. One other account has a grassy swell which is cut exclusively with the 32 since the 36 is frankly too wide due to swell curvature. Pending further side by side testing I also have reason to believe that the 36 deck with BOP's ultra high lift blades keeps the 36 deck cleaner than the # 99-313 do on the 32 deck. In light of that I have been pondering trading it out for a 36 dually at some point since overall the 36 deck fits my business model better than the other deck sizes if in fact ....all blade deck combos performed the same...they are NOT IMO.

    Since the 99-127 blades with the 32 deck are a strong performer this more than makes up for the reduced cutting width. In fact I have found I can mow faster with these blades thus making up for the reduced deck size over the 36. This is an advantage exclusive due to the dually's greater speed over the single. Also the reduced width of the Q32 mower makes it easier to get other equipment past the mower on my 6 x 12 trailer. Looks like I will be keeping the 32.
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    Thanks Exact Rototilling for the spark of hope that little machine needed.Hopefully I will get the same results as you encountered.The funny thing to me is I actually called Oregon a month and a half ago asking for a higher lift blade then the single notches for my 32" mower and was told none was available.
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    OK this is super important make sure you get the correct 99-127. I had a family member do me a favor and pick up a single blade from a dealer to even up the 3 blades I bought online. Turns out there is very lame low lift version :hammerhead: of the 99-127. Just make sure you get the correct one. Not sure why OREGON would do this same # dramatically different blade other than paint color. I compared this dud next to the standard Q32 92-053 blade and it is even less lift than that one.

    I hope nobody grabed up a pair of these hoping for and improvement......:dizzy:


  8. Exact Rototilling

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    That kind of story from customer service rep from any Co. does not surprise me.

    Ok....long story short. My dad who was kind enough to help me out and pick up this blade yesterday....called OREGON ® customer service this morning. Turns out according to the code number on the back of the blade the low lift version is the latest production. :dizzy: That doesn’t make any sense but hey what do I know. Hey I guess less lift is the new trend in blade performance. The the rep was kind enough to send out 2 free blades of a PN # that I won’t even mention claiming that it matched the lift of the supposed crazy high lift blade that is such a great match for this Q32. I looked at the picture of the incoming free blades the rep is shipping from the *.pdf catalog and all I can say is.....where is my time travel machine so I can go back in time and load up on some extinct old style blades because BOP Qucike 32 owner have need of these blades so they can mow damp to wet grass and not have to double cut.

    All I can say is I hope the OREGON rep is miss informed.

    I have an inbound order from another feebay seller and I hope the Co. rep is wrong. Will keep you posted.


    Pictured are the blades I'm happy with.

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    Hey rwaters have you used the G6 blades yet?

    Exact Rototilling keep us posted, very interested in finding a workable set of blades for the wet conditions.

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